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Search Marketing Articles

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Here are several recent search engine marketing articles that are worthy of posting:

“What if I were to tell you the majority of online purchases from search advertising happen after a searcher has conducted at least 12 nonconverting searches?” – Nonconverting Keywords and the Search Continuum – ClickZ

Current link popularity algorithms may be faulty in that they consider each page on the World Wide Web as a single node. However, different “blocks” on a page often have different semantics; for instance, a block on the left side of the page might contain a general navigational menu or text link advertisements, whereas the block on the right side of the page might contain an informational article or links to other Web sites about a certain topic. When VIsion-based Page Segmentation (VIPS) is applied, these blocks can be separated by a computer with a vision-based program. Each block can then be considered as the fundamental unit of analysis, rather than the entire page. When a link is scored in terms of its block, the link’s contextual relevance can be interpreted more intelligently by search engines. – Link Building in Light of VIsion-based Page Segmentation – ISEDB.com

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Test drive of new Google Maps

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

Google recently launched a beta version of Google Maps:

Google Maps is an online service that allows users in the U.S. to find location information, navigate through maps, and get directions quickly and easily.”

Includes features for viewing maps, local search within the displayed map area and driving directions. For example, I entered in my city/state and Google Maps quickly showed a map of the area. Then I searched on “hardware store” and the map was redrawn with icons and a list of locations to the right. Each results shows options for the web address, additional matches and directions to or from the location.

What’s really cool about Google Maps is that they’re dragable. You can use your mouse to literally move the map to see areas outside of the viewable window without having to do another search.

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Blog and Search Marketing

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A few tidbits regarding the trend of blog, RSS and search marketing:

News that Ask buys Bloglines. This news has gained quite a bit of coverage in the blogosphere, but very little in traditional news (yet). Formal announcement is to occur today or Tuesday.

I first read about Bloglines being purchased by Ask Jeeves on John Battelle’s Searchblog over the w/e but did not have time to post. One must have a real life outside the online world.

Excellent observations on RSS, Blogs and search from Traffick on Bloglines and the Future of Blogs, RSS and Search. “The “Ask-iquisition” of Bloglines will accelerate search engine interest in blogs and RSS. More big deals like this will follow.”

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Should your SEO firm give you a guarantee?

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Many search engine optimization firms still tout guarantees of top ten rankings. A specific ranking or position guarantee on organic search engine listings is not practical for a couple of reasons:

1. Search Engines are in Control – SEO firms do not have control over how search engines algorithmically rank pages. We can identify the strong influencers and use what has worked in the past to achieve top rankings, but if a Search Engine decides to change the way it ranks pages, goes out of business, gets acquired, or adds/changes their source of search results data, there is really not much a SEO firm can do about that. However, a good SEO will know about these things before they happen and have a plan of attack to minimize traffic and ranking effects, if any, to the client site.

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Latent Semantic Indexing

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Very nice post by SEO Book, I mean Search Engine eBook, ah how about Search Marketing Guide? 🙂 about Latent Semantic Indexing. The idea is related to what I’ve seen described as “contextual relavency” where a search engine (like Google) ranks a document in part based on the related concepts in the page as a whole and compares them to other related documents in the index. What this means for your SEO efforts is explained in more detail in the post, but one take-away is to be sure you mix up your anchor text as well as keyword useage on-page.

Additional resources on this topic are posted at SEO Roundtable.


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New Vote Business Blogging Awards

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The first voting script for the Business Blogging Awards apparently had some issues, so a new voting system is in place and any votes prior to today have been scrapped.

So please take a moment and cast your vote for Best SEO Blog
Our blog is listed as: Online Marketing SEO Blog

Additional categories to vote for include:
Best Overall Blog
Best Group Blog
Best New Blog
Best Law Blog
Best VC/Entrepreneur Blog
Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog
Best Personal Finance Blog
Best Blog by a Small Business
Best Blog About Small Business
Best PR Blog
Best Tech Company Blog
Best Media Blog
Best Real Estate Blog
Best Marketing Blog
Best Project Management Blog
Best Leadership Blog
The Picasso Award (Best Design)
The Peacock Award (Most Self-Important)
The Chris Pirillo Award (For Shameless Self Promotion)

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Google AdWords – Enhancements in Store?

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

I just took a Google Advertising Professionals survey and there were some interesting questions that suggest some enhancements may be in store:

Potential Google Advertising Professionals Program Enhancements:

  • Ability to have Google bill your clients directly and pass on a service fee to you for managing their AdWords accounts
  • A means to verify whether or not someone is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional
  • A Microsoft Windows-based tool for more easily uploading and downloading AdWords campaigns
  • Technical support by phone for a fee
  • Ability to add your company’s logo into reports within My Client Center
  • Directory listing of all Google Advertising Professionals on Google.com
  • Ability to be a tester for new AdWords features and functionality before public release

Potential Tools Offered by Google to Help Sell AdWords:

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Google Employee Blog Disabled

Lee Odden     Online Marketing

An ex-Microsoft employee who now works for Google started a blog which has interestingly been removed from the Google index.

From various sources including SEO Roundtable

An interesting post from one of the blog posts that was removed includes a comment after attending the Google sales conference:

“so after the interesting financials, the products team gave presentations reviewing product performance in 2004 and giving sneak peeks of the products we’ll unveil in 2005. if you guys thought gmail and google groups were cool, you ain’t seen nothing yet! ”

Full content of the blog can still be viewed at bloglines.com

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More on Folksonomy

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As a follow up to the post on Nick’s excellent post on Folksonomies, here are some additional notes on sites that use tags to organize information.

Tagsurf – In the tagging spirit of Flickr and Del.icio.us, Tagsurf is an online message board which uses tags to help organize subjects instead of threads or channels. Currently in “Alpha” but seems to be picking up steam. Definitely worth checking out.

Furl – I list this one because Technorati tag search results are now pulling tag data from Del.icio.us and Furl. Furl allows you to archive web pages and provides up to 5 gigabytes of storage. Your collections of archived pages can be private or public and you can “share” ie promote, your archived pages via email or RSS feed. And, uh, it’s part of Looksmart.

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Search engine users confused yet confident

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The results of a new survey from the Pew Internet & American Life project conducted by telephone among a sample of 2,200 adults was published. While many searchers appear confident about their ability to find information, a suprising number can’t tell the difference between paid and unpaid search results.

Commentary from Wired:

“…only 38 percent of web searchers even know of the distinction, [between paid and unbiased links] and of those, not even half –47 percent — say they can always tell which are paid. That comes out to only 18 percent of all web searchers knowing when a link is paid.”

Additional key findings outlined on SearchEngineWatch:

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Diversify your search marketing portfolio

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Now that MSN has dropped Yahoo in favor of it’s own search engine and AOL has made major changes to it’s search engine, there’s no doubt competition for search is heating up again. While Google still sends the vast majority of referring search engine traffic to most sites, make note of these recent search engine changes as there are an increasing number of opportunities to diversify your search marketing portfolio.

To get an idea of where search results data comes from with each search engine, take a look at these search engine relationship charts:

Bruce Clay – Pretty much started the whole search engine relationship charting thing
Search This – Search engine decoder
SearchEngineWatch – A tabular version with no Flash, but effective

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Blog Marketing Tips

Here are a few quick tips we’ve used to rank #1 on Google for targeted terms as well as increase the number of unique visitors to this blog 300% in the past month. However, execution and timing are key.

1. Be sure your blog template is optimized for search engines like you would a web site

2. Submit the blog everywhere you would submit a web site: search engines, directories, linking, etc

3. Submit the blog to blog and RSS search engines, directories and news aggregators

4. Use Technorati tags in your blog posts and bookmark your posts in del.icio.us and even flickr your product images – folksonomies are your future

5. Ping your blog posts to all major blog/RSS aggregators with each post – automate this if you can