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Friendster No Friend to Google – Answers with Orkut.com

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Article from News.com
– Google made it’s entry into the social networking marketing live yesterday. Officially, Google says Orkut is not part of it’s product lineup – the site indicates it is “in affiliation with Google”.

Interesting move by Google, but is it a strategic initiative, or just a pet project by Orkut Buyukkokten, the Google engineer who developed the app? Anything new that Google comes out with prior to the IPO is going to look like a bit of beefing up, I think.

To join Orkut, you must be invited, you cannot sign-up on the site, which is interesting. “orkut is a trusted community. In order to join, you need to receive an invitation”. I’m not going to hold be breath for that. That may be an intentional effort to make the service exclusive. Google news started out much the same way so I gues we’ll see.

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Yahoo vs Google

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Press Release from Business Wire

Yahoo recently announced that it’s formed Yahoo! Research Labs, a team of scientists that will investigate and develop future Internet technologies. The team is led by chief scientists from Yahoo and recently purchased PPC firm, Overture.

If you’re not familiar, Google Labs has been around for quite a while. Cool tools like voice search and Google deskbar as well as features like Google News have come out of the Google Labs initiative.

With Yahoo discontinuing to use Google search results soon, Yahoo is clearly positioning itself to edge in more aggressively on the market share it once had from Google. With Inktomi soon to replace default search results on Yahoo, businesses that rely on traffic from Yahoo will do well to ensure their rankings are also prominent within Inktomi. Otherwise, when the changeover happens, traffic from Yahoo may all but disappear.

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Top 10 Marketing Tends for 2004

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Starting with “Tech marketing rebound”, this article from BtoB lists 10 marketing trends to watch for in 2004 based on comments by top marketing, agency and industry execs interviewed by BtoB.

Additional comments:
“Search will continue to be big,” said Greg Stuart, president-CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Keyword search made up 31% of total online ad revenue in the first six months of the year, and Stuart said it will keep growing. “Search has not peaked, and it‚Äôs not going to level off any time soon” he said. “Most people are making profits on first customer contacts with search.”

Link to Article

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AD:TECH Survey Results

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Heavy Internet Marketers Reveal What’s Working What’s Not, & 2004 Budgets

Article: From MarketingSherpa.com

At the time of this post, the link above will reveal the entire article, but after a week or so, I believe it’s placed in a pay-to-view situation (nominal fee).

One of the comments I found interesting was, “We expect SEO spending to continue strong in 2004…” Companies that are tired of spending money on PPC like a water faucet will increasingly look to reputable SEO firms for guidance. That is not to say PPC is going away, or has matured, or anything like that. As marketing organizations within companies are increasingly held accountable, the drive towards finding cost effective tactics will simply increase.

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Happy New Year! SEO and SEM for 2004

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What a year it’s been. Am very optimistic about 2004 for online marketing. The one thing you can count on in regard to marketing online is that things will change. Convergence of SEO and public relations tactics, more active involvement by Ad and PR agencies in SEO, not just PPC. Mergers, acquisitions, IPO’s and new technologies are most likely all in store for the search engine industry in 2004.

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Google Dance – Florida Update

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When the Florida update occurred our site felt it like many others. On a Saturday morning, I checked a particular phrase on Google that has driven many, many new customers to us and our site was gone. I know better, but that sinking feeling set in.

About 3 weeks before, we began the process of changing our domain name from a keyword rich, hyphenated name to a shorter name that included the name of our SEO service www.toprankmarketing.com. The shorter name had already been used in radio interviews and our listing in the Marketing Sherpa Guide to SEO Firms.

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Online Marketing Resources

I know many companies that want to engage in search or online marketing for the first time and also those that want to step it up a notch are always on the lookout for better resources. You can spend a lot of time lurking in forums, reading blogs and information sites, reading books, attending conferences and networking and still not be sure of what to do next or what’s right for you. There are a few resources that I’ve found to be consistently effective and high quality that I’ll mention here. This is by no means a comprehensive list – it really represents the resources I find myself using often and/or recently:


  • Winning Results with Google AdWords – Andrew Goodman
  • The Virtual Handshake – David Teten & Scott Allen
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Online Marketing for High Tech in 2004

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With recent email legislation, will tech marketers be as enthusiastic about using email for new customer acquisition? Regardless, there’s more and more noise about paid ads within email newsletters which could open up opportunities for very targeted advertising.

Overall the research and article are promising news for BtoB tech marketers. “Confidence with the medium is encouraging marketers to allocate more money to online marketing.” Many technology companies already initiated online campaigns in 2003 that had never explored search engine optimization or PPC as a viable tactic for lead generation. That trend appears to be continuing and 2004 could be a very promising year for tech marketers that can deliver measurable results cost effectively

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