SEO Videos

I just noticed today that had posted the basic SEO videos from the shoot we did a month ago or so. Most of them are pretty short little snippets and turned out ok, but I think we’ll shoot some in our office so we can do multiple takes. I had very little sleep the night before and it appears my facial muscles have a mind of their own. and Some San Francisco

Before I rush off to catch my flight back home, I am posting a few pics from yesterday’s happenings over at
The Producer and Director cracking the whip (not really)

Lee Odden
The willing Guinea Pig

Outside my hotel

Pier 39
Pier 39

Pier 39

Sea Lions
Sea Lions

Alcatraz (I missed the last boat!)
It was great meeting the folks at They’ve just done a major overhaul of their web site, both on the front end and the back end. Be sure to check out the new site as well as the Search Engine Smarts blog and watch for the “Advisor” videos coming soon. Launches New Design

One of the blog networks that I write for is hosted within If all goes well, they will launch their new design on Tuesday. Here’s a preview screen shot:

The old interface was getting very busy which is a challenge when you’re a site like with millions of documents. I think the new design is much cleaner and it’s great to see the bloggers, ah I mean, “Advisors” posts brought up higher in the page. I guess this means I should get busy and start posting there regularly again. 🙂

We’re just finishing up with a 6 month promotion called, “6 for 06” with where several consultants (like myself) volunteered time to help out selected small businesses with certain problems. The company I worked with was, a California based outdoor adventure company that also hosts an online store.