Analytics Deep Dive

7 Things You Need to Know About Analytics: Thom Craver and Garry Przyklenk – #SESSF

Taking a deep dive into analytics with Thom Craver (@thomcraver) and Garry Przyklenk (@gprzyklenk) at SES San Francisco was the perfect way to kick off the Dicovery Channel’s Shark Week.

This team of knowledgeable online experts did not disappoint, and as promised, plunged headfirst into analytics and how to make them work for your organization.  In this article I have included 7 things that you need to know about analytics from the “Web Analytics Deep Dive” session on Tuesday afternoon.

#1 – Data is Not Information

Data and information are not the same thing.  Data is described as a seemingly unconnected set of numbers and values.  Information on the other hand provides context around the data, and labels or groups the content.