6 Things Andrew Zimmern Taught Me About Working Hard to Reach Your Goals

I recently attended the #TechMunch food bloggers conference in Minneapolis which had everything from a gourmet lunch to a buffet of knowledge shared from experts within the field.  The headline discussion for this conference took place between Bizzarre Foods Andrew Zimmern (@andrewzimmern) and WCCO’s Jason Derusha (@derushaeats).

While Zimmern is not travelling the world sampling exotic eats he resides in Minnesota with his family.  Or as he calls it, lives out of a suitcase when he’s home.  Zimmern had a wealth of knowledge about the food industry and working his way up the food chain in the restaurant business.

While Zimmern’s advice was mostly related to his experience within the food industry, much of the advice he bestowed upon the audience also applies to other lines of work.  In this post I have included ten of the lessons that I learned from Andrew Zimmern’s life experience, and how it can be applied to myself and others like me.