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Lee Odden

Andy Beal on Running a SEO SEM Agency

Lee Odden on Sep 6th, 2006     Business of SEO, Online Marketing, Search Marketing, SEO

Andy Beal has been around the block and then some when it comes to building SEO-SEM firms. Today he posted his “Top 10 Business Mistakes Search Marketing Firms Make“. Here are Andy’s tips 1-10 and I’ve thrown in my own thoughts and observations after each.

1. Charging a “Set-up” Fee.
We’ve pretty much moved away from this but not 100% as some small projects warrant it. It does help companies spread costs out, but it also has to be managed properly since so much work occurs during the first 60-90 days of a campaign.

Lee Odden

SES San Jose Videos Part 2

Lee Odden on Aug 11th, 2006     Google, Marketing PR Conferences, Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies, Video Interviews

Here are a few more videos from Search Engine Strategies San Jose. Matt Bailey – SiteLogic, Andy Beal – Marketing Pilgrim and a short clip from Danny Sullivan’s talk with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. You can listen to the full discussion over at WebmasterRadio.FM.

Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey in between sessions talks about wookiepedia. I had no idea Matt was a Star Wars fan. :)

Andy Beal
Andy Beal before the blogger dinner talks about the “lunatic fringe” of search marketing.

And here’s a short clip of Danny Sullivan and Google CEO Eric Schmidt answering a question from the audience about whether Google will start allowing users to monetize the use of their own clickstream data.

Lee Odden

Andy Andy Andy Beal

Lee Odden on Aug 4th, 2006     Marketing Industry News, Online Marketing

So I check my email today and what do I see?

An email from Andy Beal looking at me.

I open the email and read what’s inside.

Andy Beal is changing his tide! (buzz off, it rhymes)

Where will he go, what will he say, in his Texas-drawl mixed with a lingering British accent, sort of way?

The answer young pilgrim fan, will be found in San Jose.

We wish him good luck and more fortune than he’s had. (sorry FI, no link for you!)

Starting a SEO company can’t always be bad.

Perhaps Andy and a different Mike will join forces, a good match don’t you think?

Wherever they go, let’s wish them something that rhymes with think.


Lee Odden

Fortune Interactive Goes Sci Fi with SEMLogic Upgrade

Lee Odden on Jul 12th, 2006     Marketing Industry News, Online Marketing

Andy Beal’s company Fortune Interactive has upgraded their SEMLogic system for identifying search engine optimization opportunities ala SWOT that allow a comparison of client sites to competing sites as well as enhanced interactive display options.

Here’s a demo video of the SEMLogic virtual reality module with Mike Marshall narrating and you’ll see where I get the “sci fi” reference.

I beleive Fortunue Interactive will be exhibiting at the upcoming Chicago ad:tech if you want to see this system in person or you can probably get a demo via the SEMLogic page.

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