Buying Domain Names

Over at the SEM 2.0 discussion group run by Andrew Goodman, there’s a thread about buying domain names that has been offering some excellent suggestions. One post from Dan Perry, offers a good fundamental list of recommendations. And yes, I asked Dan for permission to post.

Dan says he likes to use Snap Names for domain name purchases.

First, find the PR of the domain. This can be found at any PR checker. It lets you put in 20 at a time. The value of PR is in the fact that there is some.

Second, Alexa Rating. Obviously, the lower the better. Less than a million =
$??, 1-2 million = $??, and so on. for Sale

I received an interesting call yesterday from someone who wanted to know if I was going to SES in New York because she wanted to talk to companies that might be interested in buying a domain name she owned.

My response without knowing the domain name was, “Thanks but no thanks”. Then she shared that it was, which was interesting, but not for me.

I am curious what a domain name like would go for? Who would buy it? I guess another logical question is, “Is really for sale?”. The whois info shows a holding company in NYC which is different than the info the person gave me on the phone.

If any other SEO firm received the same call and that did some due dilligence, please leave a comment.