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Lee Odden

SES Chicago Videos – Neil Patel & Cameron Olthius

Lee Odden on Dec 7th, 2006     Interviews, Marketing PR Conferences, Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies, Social Bookmarking, Social Media, Video Interviews

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, maybe that should be Neil and Cameron of Advantage Consulting Services, since they are not strangers to after conference festivities nor are they strangers to some of the most successful social media optimization campaigns being run in the SEO industry. Cameron covers the fun part and Neil talks about the SMO or social media optimization panel he spoke on regarding Wikipedia.

Cameron and Neil write an excellent blog at Pronet Advertising.

Lee Odden

Wednesday SEO News Tidbits

Lee Odden on Nov 29th, 2006     Marketing Industry News, Online Marketing

Rand posts a great interview with Neil Patel and Cameron Olthius from ACS and the Pronet Advertising blog where he asks about their tactics, their business and some of the politics and intrigue surrounding Digg.

20 Real Facts about Matt Cutts from Chris Winfield including fun tidbits like: Matt is 34, goes to Burning Man and no longer has his top secret security clearance.

Google AdWords Ingnores Redirected Landing Page URLS – Chris from e-consultancy reports the problems he’s having with Google ignoring the redirect urls they use in the AdWords campaign. Google sends those visitors to the web site home page rather than the redirect destination.

Dr. Susan dispenses Dave Pasternack with a dose of SEO reality.

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