31 Reasons Why WordPress Works As A CMS

WordPress-BlueThere are a lot of people who think that WordPress is just blogging software, but it’s much more than that. It can be a website’s entire content management system (CMS).

Here are 31 reasons why WordPress works as a CMS.

  1. Simple to install.
  2. There is a WordPress plugin to add almost any functionality you want.
  3. Can setup multiple users with multiple levels of control on the site.
  4. It’s SEO friendly.
  5. Easy to theme.
  6. Easy to customize design and add widgets.
  7. One piece of software can run both the website and blog.
  8. Comes with pages and posts to separate the blog from the website.
  9. Post and page revisions so you have a history of changes to content.
  10. RSS feeds included with no setup.