ComcastCares Social Media Interview with Frank Eliason

Social Media Smarts: Interview with Frank Eliason of Comcast aka @ComcastCares

Frank Eliason
Photo by Shel Israel

Twitter has become many things to many people and organizations for that matter, including Comcast.  It really says something when a company experiences the bite of consumer malcontent via social media and then turns around and becomes known as a best practitioner.  This is the experience of Comcast and Director of Digital Care, Frank Eliason.  

Based in Philadelphia, PA, Frank started with Comcast as a Customer Service Manager in September, 2007 and as you’ll read in the interview below has evolved into the social media face of Comcast through his Twitter name ComcastCares.

When Site Search Fails, Google Rocks

Comcast vs GoogleAs technology advances and search engines become more powerful, it’s almost better to rely on them to find what you are looking for rather than a site’s internal search. I know that if you want to find something on Comcasts site, you are better off using Google.

The other day I was on the phone with a client when they asked me what Comcast’s outgoing mail server was. Unsure, I quickly went to to look it up. Much to my annoyance, the site is not user friendly.

The first thing I did was put SMTP in the Comcast search box. It returned one result detailing McAfee VirusScan. I then clicked on the ‘High-Speed Internet’ options on the homepage and found out those were just selling me services. Then I clicked on ‘Demos and Manuals’ under the Customers area and it tells me how to hook up my stuff. How about searching the ‘Demos and Manuals’ area? No luck there either.