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Ashley Zeckman

Online Marketing News: How Are We Influenced? Reddit Cracks Down, 11 Surprising Social Stats, Google is SO Hot Right Now

Ashley Zeckman on Jun 15th, 2012     Online Marketing

How Are We Influenced?

This recent infographic from CrowdTap focuses on that very subject.  Beginning with the history of influence we are taken on a journey which includes:

  • How content spreads
  • Where influence comes from
  • Peer Recommendations

Why Reddit is Cracking Down on Your Favorite Sites
Reddit claims that many popular news sites are guilty of artificially promoting their content to make it appear more popular.  Long story short, they are cheating.  Via Venture Beat.

comScore US Internet  Report
Latest figures from comScore’s show an increase in unique visits to social media sites of over 6%.  The company re-confirmed that Pinterest remains the fastest-growing social network as of Q1 in 2012.  Via TechCrunch.

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