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The Future of Content Marketing According to Lee Odden at #CMWorld 2013

KatieBresnahan on Sep 11th, 2013     Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Other Events, Social Search

Lee Odden - Content Marketing World 2013“Content is storytelling – storytelling that creates experiences. Customers and communities are insatiable, so you have to feed them content.”

At Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio – one of TopRank’s fearless leaders, Lee Odden, spoke with Content Marketers from over 40 different countries on “The Future of Search & Social” in the first breakout session of the day.

1. Content is more than information – it is storytelling that provides meaningful experiences.

Setting the stage with, “Content isn’t King – it’s the Kingdom,” Lee positions content as the reason search exists in the first place. 16% of all search queries have never been seen before. Could that possibly mean that they, or (gasp) you, are potentially creating content no one cares about?

Nicolette Beard

How to Use Crowdsourcing for Content Marketing Inspiration

Nicolette Beard on Sep 10th, 2013     Content Marketing, Online Marketing

Crowdsourcing Best Practices and ExamplesCreating original and compelling content is paramount to your success as a marketer. Getting your customers involved in this process is great for engagement, product improvement, product development and your overall reputation as a brand. It can also add tremendous value to your content.

You may be thinking that crowdsourcing is too complex to consider as part of your content curation, but once you understand the different shapes and sizes crowdsourcing can take, even the most risk-averse marketer will understand the benefits of crowdsourcing.

Just as the definition of content marketing and curation seems to vary, so too does the definition of crowdsourcing. According to, “Crowdsourcing is the process of getting work or funding, usually online, from a crowd of people. The word is a combination of the words ‘crowd’ and ‘outsourcing’. The idea is to take work and outsource it to a crowd of workers.”

Lee Odden

Your Brand: The Next Media Company

Lee Odden on Sep 2nd, 2013     Content Marketing, Guest Posts, Online Marketing

Your Company the Next Media CompanyIt’s one thing to use social channels to promote an idea and quite another to put those ideas into action in a successful way. Now more than ever, we need trusted sources of insight and leadership to guide the future of digital business.

Michael Brito is a great example of someone who has played a pivotal part in this evolution of knowledge. Having worked with Sony, 8×8, HP, Yahoo!, Intel and now Senior Vice President, Social Business Strategy at Edelman as well as Adjunct Professor of Strategic Social Media at UC Berkley and Author of Smart Business, Social Business, Michael Brito has a tremendous business pedigree for connecting the dots and seeing the horizon for what’s next in the digital age.

Lee Odden

Content Marketing As A Useful, Meaningful Experience. Anything Else Is Just Noise.

Lee Odden on Aug 29th, 2013     Content Marketing, Online Marketing

Content Marketing ExperienceIf you asked 50 digital marketing professionals to finish this statement, “Content Marketing is…” you might get as many different definitions.

Many SEOs think content marketing is link building. Public Relations pros often think of content marketing as owned, earned media and increasingly, paid media.

The closer you are to the meaning and spirit of what content marketing means, the closer you are to understanding how it will help your business grow.

Based on my experience as a content creator and through the content marketing consulting we do at TopRank, I think there are a few key principles for companies to understand in order to get the most out of what content marketing can do for their brand:

Lee Odden

Business Blogging in a Content Marketing World – 5 Steps to Success

Lee Odden on Aug 26th, 2013     Blogging, Online Marketing

Business Blogging SuccessAre Business Blogs Dead?

I know it’s a tired, over used concept, but that’s the question I was asked recently for an interview. It’s been asked on and off over the past 10 years or so.

Ironically, we’ll be celebrating 10 years of blogging for our business in just a few months and we continue to add new blogs for clients on a regular basis.

With the combined challenge of creating high quality content over a long period of time with increased competition from overall content marketing efforts, it’s no wonder the question of whether business blogging is sustainable keeps coming up.

Lee Odden

The Role of KPIs, Marketing Goals & Business Objectives in Online Marketing

Lee Odden on Aug 21st, 2013     Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Optimize Book

Online Marketing GoalsThe moving parts within a marketing organization often get tied up in the mastery and performance of specific tactics like content creation, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Not seeing the forest for the trees can cause some blindness towards the bigger picture.

Before a business decides how, why and what to optimize, socialize and publicize, it’s important to take a step back and ask this essential marketing question, “What are we trying to do?”  The answer is usually pretty obvious: “We’re trying to get more people to buy what we’re selling!”

That’s the big picture for most companies, but practical online marketing objectives will be unique to each company’s individual situation. The role of content works across departments and the interaction between departmental content within a company can actually amplify overall business outcomes.

Lee Odden

The Future of Content on the Search and Social Web

Lee Odden on Aug 19th, 2013     Content Marketing, Marketing PR Conferences, Online Marketing

Future of ContentIf you had to bet your job on it, do you feel you could predict the future of content for your organization in the next 12 months? How about in the next 3 years?

The technologies behind the search and social web along with consumer behaviors are changing so fast, it’s a real challenge to anticipate with certainty what exact form content will take in the future. But one thing is certain, the importance of content for brands will be more important, more pervasive and decidedly more competitive.

So what questions can we answer about content over the next 1 to 3 years? I think one of the most important starting points is a consensus within your organization’s leadership as to what content really is, why it matters to customers and the role content will play in advancing business goals.

Lee Odden

36 Content Marketers Who Rock – Content Marketing World eBook #CMWorld

Lee Odden on Aug 15th, 2013     Content Marketing, Marketing PR Conferences
Content Marketing Rocks eBook

Content Marketing Rocks!

In just a few weeks one of the hottest conferences in the digital marketing industry will be coming to the hometown of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What better theme than Rock and Roll?

Music is powerful because it motivates us to imagine, to feel, to get up and move. There’s a harmonious parallel between music that inspires action and effective content marketing.

In order to extend that connection, TopRank® Online Marketing has partnered with Content Marketing Institute and the Content Marketing World conference to create a whole “songbook” of practical content marketing advice.  With plenty of rock and roll metaphors included, this eBook offers chart topping content marketing tips from major BtoC and BtoB brands presenting at #CMWorld September 9-12, 2013 including:

Lee Odden

Content Marketing That Rocks – Are You Amplified?

Lee Odden on Aug 9th, 2013     Content Marketing, Marketing PR Conferences, Online Marketing

content marketing worldComing up in about 5 weeks is one of the most anticipated marketing conferences about the hottest topic of the year:  Content Marketing World.

With 91% of BtoB marketers investing in content marketing, there’s no question that the value of content is in the marketing spotlight.

While this year has proven content is front and center of annual marketing plans, there’s also been an incredible rise in noise about what content marketing is and how it can work.

Lucky for you, me, and thousands of other creative, smart and results-focused marketing professionals, Content Marketing World provides an entire conference dedicated to all aspects of the topic from BtoB & BtoC, Content Strategy, Search & Social, Content Creation, Multi-Channel Content, Content Integration, Social Media and Content Discovery.

Lee Odden

For Small Businesses: When Is the Best Time to Start Building Your Social Networks?

Lee Odden on Aug 6th, 2013     Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Small Business

social networkingDuring a neighborhood gathering I met a small business owner and after sharing our respective backgrounds, he proceeded to tell me his troubles with not having the time to keep his website current. Competitors were seemingly overwhelming his category online. He also disclosed that his offering requires a bit of an educational sales cycle and the industry category has had some mixed press.

As we talked, I learned that innovations in the product line have advanced the capabilities significantly, but awareness of those advancements were hardly common knowledge within the target audience.  The good news was a significant demand in search volume and conversation on social networks about the problems his product offering solves.

Lee Odden

Essential Q and A on SEO & Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Lee Odden on Jul 17th, 2013     Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Small Business

SEO Content Marketing Small BusinessThe idea of making online content that is useful to people as well as easy to find and share applies to any organization whether it’s a B2B software company, a non-profit association or a government organization. There’s so much information being produced and promoted plus a growing array options for consuming content that standing out can be a real challenge.

I recently did a Google+ Hangout with a group of Chamber of Commerce executives from all over the U.S. talking about the role of content in marketing for small businesses. We dug into the fundamentals of what to talk about and how it can create a mutual benefit for SMBs and their customers. We also discussed the notion of empathy for our audiences and how important it is to invest in quality content as well as efforts to make that content easy to find and share.

Lee Odden

What Content Marketers Really Need to Know About SEO – A Twitter Chat With @JoePulizzi #CMWorld

Lee Odden on Jul 15th, 2013     Content Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Content SEOCompanies large and small are investing in content creation now, more than ever. Whether the investment in content marketing supports branding, sales, customer service, PR or recruiting, there are specific audiences and brand messages involved.

Kudos to companies making the effort to create more useful content to help answer customer questions. But what good is investing in all that content if it’s not easy to find and share?

Search is a direct expression of intent and what better time for your useful content to be available than at your customers’ moment of need? It’s the perfect time of course, so companies pumping out content without amplification are literally throwing money away.

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