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Social Media Marketing An Hour A Day: Dave Evans

Lee Odden on Jan 20th, 2009     Interviews, Online Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Smarts

Social Media Smarts Interview with Dave Evans, Author of Social Media Marketing An Hour A  Day

Social Media Marketing An Hour A DayRecently I came across the new book by Dave Evans, Social Media Marketing An Hour a Day. It’s one of the few marketing books I actually purchased in 2008 because it seemed thorough (as far as a book can be on a fast changing topic) and since so many publishers send us free copies to review.

The notion of taking a slice of time per day to conduct social media marketing activities is such spot-on advice, that I wanted to bring more insights from the book author, Dave Evans, to our readers.  

In this interview Dave talks about the genesis of the book, thoughts on social media strategy, innovation, building a business case, practical examples and measuring success. Enjoy!

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