DM Days Final and Dinner with Jim Boykin

I was able to sit in on a DM Days site review clinic yesterday with Detlev Johnson and Amanda Watlington who provided great advice to the few audience members. The site owners literally received multiples of their conference admission price in consulting advice. One site had thousands of pages hiding content from the search engines (unintentionally) because of JavaScript. Another was submitting an incomplete sitemap file to Google.

DM Days Keynote on Social Media

John Greco Keynote
The DM Days 2007 conference kicked off with a keynote presentation starting with DMA President and CEO, John Greco. The keynote was titled, “Next Gen Interactive: How Marketers are Optimizing the Power of Social Media to Connect and Deliver Results”.

With technology evolving, customer preferences changing and competition that is sharper than ever, the focus of this year’s DM Days event was on “What’s Next?”

Greco sees direct marketing as more than an industry, as a core process. Rather than “direct marketing” he sees it as “marketing directly”, which is the ability to engage individual customers with relevant and timely interactions that provide the information and offers they want using any of a variety of channels.

DM Days New York 2007


After a few days home in Minnesota I’ve gone on the road again to the DM Days conference in New York. Just two hours sitting on the tarmac this time. 🙂

The DMA Search Engine Marketing Council has quite a bit going on between sessions on search marketing, informational events and there will be presentations on the DMA search marketing certification program as well by the coordinator of that program, Dr. Amanda Whatlington. There’s also a one day seminar here in NYC after the DM Days event, “Search Engine Marketing – The Basics” on June 27th from 9-3:30.

June Search Marketing Conferences

Wow, I just checked my calendar and June is one heck of a month for conferences. Regrettably, I’ve had to turn down two regional/private speaking gigs due to time conflicts and those really are the best for generating new business. However, the two events I will be speaking at are:

Bulldog Reporter’s Media Relations Summit, “Media Relations Unbound: How SEO and Social Media Have Revolutionized Our Reach” Washington, D.C. June 10-12, 2007. I will be speaking with fellow PR, Social Media and Search Marketing enthusiasts, Jamie ODonnell from SEO-PR and Sally Falkow of Expansion Plus. This looks like a fantastic event for the PR industry and I’ll be bringing one of our new account managers, Mike Yanke to fill up on all the PR and marketing wisdom being shared.

Speaking at DM Days New York

Monday morning I’m off to New York for the DM Days conference. I will join several other members of the DMA Search Engine Marketing Council including: Heather Lloyd-Martin, Amanda Watlington, Detlev Johnson, Kevin Lee, Mike Moran, Jeanette Kocsis and Matt Bailey as well as John Marshall in presenting two sessions that provide a wide range of specific recommendations for a DMA member site.

Topics include: creating a business case for search marketing, web site evaluation, technical optimization, user-experience, content optimization, web analytics, pay per click, online pr and integrating web marketing with other media. I guess it’s sort of a SES “pimp my site panel” but without the hats and it occurs over two sessions.

More info:


In about two weeks the DM Days conference will be held in New York June 20-22 at the Jacob K. Javits convention center. The theme of this event is “Managing your message the customer is in control”. I will be speaking on a panel on search marketing that includes everything from SEO to paid search and online PR called “Search Engine Marketing: Basics and Beyond”.