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Lee Odden

Shoemoney Interviews Brian Axe of Google AdSense

Lee Odden on Jan 31st, 2007     Google, Interviews, Online Marketing

On Jeremy’s show tonight over at WebmasterRadio.FM, “Net Income”, he and Andrea interview Brian Axe, AdSense Product Manager. It’s a great show that starts out with quite a few clarifications of Google AdSense changes in terms of service ranging from not displaying images next to ads to the review and reinclusion process. Too many for me to list here, so be sure to listen to the full podcast.

A few notes from Jeremey:

  • Google is not against arbitrageurs but rather respect it as a business model.
  • Confirmation that not only is YouTube doing revenue sharing but it will be apart of AdSense.
  • Leaves the door open that they have plans for Blogger video blogging with AdSense revenue sharing through YouTube.
  • Explains smart pricing and how it works.
Lee Odden

Google Please be Consistent

Lee Odden on Nov 11th, 2006     Google, Online Marketing

On my way to login to a neglected Google AdSense account today, I was presented with this screen:


A quick check of the AdSense Blog showed that this was 4 hours of planned maintenance.

Note to Google:¬† Maybe you could use the same language on the “system is down” page as you do on the blog? It might be more helpful to users. :)

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