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Matt Cutts Stops By SES To Talk Google & Answer Some Difficult Questions- #SESSF

TopRank Online Marketing on Aug 16th, 2012     Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies

Hot off the heels of Avinash’s SES opening keynote, day two of SES San Francisco 2012 included another famous Googler to start the day. Matt Cutts (@mattcutts), Distinguished Engineer for Google, is the head of the Web spam team. He and his spam fighters, as he refers to them, make up part of the Google Knowledge Group.  He was a last-minute addition to the SES schedule, interviewed by Mike Grehan, VP and Global Content Director for Incisive Media, as part of the day two kickoff.

Ashley Zeckman

Online Marketing News: Ad Overload, Tips for Successful Brand Building, Mute Paid AdWords, Googles Knowledge Graph Gets Smarter

Ashley Zeckman on Jul 6th, 2012     Online Marketing

The Consequences of Digital Ad Bombardment

This infographic from upstream addresses the dangers over overloading customers with too many ads.  Highlights include:

  • 66% of adults say they receive too many promotions and are exposed to too many adverts
  • 0.1% is the click-through rate compared to 1996 which was 7%
  • 66% of consumers say they are turned off by unwanted advertising on their mobile or smartphone

This Week In Online Marketing News

Don’t Like the AdWords Display Ads You’re Seeing?
Google is making it possible for users to now dismiss or mute paid ads appearing in their browser.  Google says that this new feature will allow them to deliver more relevant ads to consumers.  Once a particular ad is muted, it will not appear in your stream again.  Read on to learn more.  Via Search Engine Land.

Ashley Zeckman

Online Marketing News: Local Optimization Opportunity, Facebook Advertising Issues, Google Knowledge Graph Takes Over

Ashley Zeckman on May 25th, 2012     Online Marketing

The Local Web – The Single Largest Opportunity For National Brands

This infographic by Balihoo shares the significance of marketing locally to your potential customers.  According to this infographic:

  • 73% of online search activity is related to local content
  • 82% of local Internet searches follow-up offline
  • 23.6%  the percentage that digital media is expected to represent of advertising by 2015

Featured Team Member Story

Sara Duane-Gladden – Is Facebook Advertising the Problem?  Or Are Brands Expectations the Culprit?

GM made waves last week when it pulled $10 million in annual spending from Facebook, but are the ads really at issue or are marketing expectations? According to a recent poll, 61% of US Facebook advertisers used ads for awareness purposes, yet a hefty 44% expected them to generate conversions. So… which is it? Engagement doesn’t necessarily mean sales, and sales don’t necessarily mean engagement.  Via eMarketer.

Ashley Zeckman

Online Marketing News: Facebook IPO: Worth $104 Billion, Google Penguin & Panda Party Crash, G+ Ghost Town

Ashley Zeckman on May 18th, 2012     Marketing Industry News, Online Marketing

Top 250 Internet Retailers

Social networking for retailers makes sense right? Make your brand visible where your consumers are spending the most time. This infographic from Campalyst shares information on one of the things that helps makes retailers successful online, a social presence. Key findings include:

  • Number of followers by social platform
  • How success on social networks is distributed
  • The most followed industries on specific social channels

Featured Team Member Story

Mike Yanke – Who Will Win the War of the Sidebars?

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