Top Marketing & Public Relations Blogs Are Influential, But Are They Optimized?

PR BlogsCision recently published a list of top PR & Marketing blogs which is timely, because having worked in both worlds for 11 years plus, I’ve seen the convergence accelerated by shifts in technology and consumer behaviors. In the list, Cision published an influence score to sort the blogs (TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog is sandwiched at #2 between Chris Brogan and Jason Falls) and it made me wonder about their influence when it comes to search.

Most bloggers say they know what SEO is and some even profess to engage in SEO best practices, but I thought it would be interesting to do a simple analysis of the top 10 on the list to see what their referring organic keyword and inbound link profiles looked like. Arguably, if a blog is optimized, it will attract traffic through search with phrases that represent the topics the blogger wants to be known for.

My Picks: 5 Top Online Marketing Blogs from the UK

5 UK Online Marketing BlogsThank you to all who participated in our little poll seeking votes for the best UK Online Marketing Blog last week. That link will take you to the full list as well as the voting results.

The purpose was to create awareness of UK centric blogs that share as much of a passion for Online Marketing topics as we do here at Online Marketing Blog. 35 blogs were listed and many put effort into promoting themselves via blog post, Twitter, email, Facebook and other channels of communication. That combined promotion effort plus our own drove thousands of visits to the post and subsequently back out to the individual UK Online Marketing blogs that were listed.

Top Content Marketing Blogs from Junta42

content marketing blogs
Over at Junta42 Joe Pulizzi has announced the quarterly update of his Junta42 list of content marketing blogs. I’m happy to say Online Marketing Blog was again included in the list. This time in a slightly improved position as you can see below. I must say, being included on a list with Brian Clark, Jeremiah Owyang, Brian Solis and David Meerman Scott is very humbling.

Lists are always controversial by nature as they exclude and include based on criteria that rarely satisfy everyone. But we’re happy to be included all the same and a BIG THANKS goes to the TopRank team that’s been liveblogging conferences over the past two months of consideration for this list.

Here’s the complete list of 42 top content marketing blogs:

BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 012708

SEO Blogs

Keeping up with the BIGLIST while traveling is usually not an issue. When the hotel I’m in offers nothing better than voodoo psycho internet Miami-style, that’s another matter. But, better late than never. Starting with 15 blogs in this week’s queue, only the 5 below made the cut.

The original blog post that announced the BIGLIST has been nominated for the “SEMMYS“.  Judges have now made that post a finalist in the “Blogs” category. Please be sure to vote for “Must Read Search Marketing Blogs” by Jan 30th.

And now what you’ve been waiting for, here is this week’s collection of blogs added to the BIGLIST:

  • Virtual Marketing Blog – Big brand interactive marketing veterans Nial McFadyen and Luke Knowles share internet marketing news, reviews and insights ranging from Facebook to WordPress SEO.

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 110207

SEO Blogs

So many blogs and so little time! This week’s BIGLIST update brings you a mix of blogs covering analytics, social media, entrepreneurship, emerging media and a nice SEO aggregator.

  • Leveraging Ideas – Sam Huleatt, a Brooklyn-based Internet entrepreneur & strategy guru writes about the social media space, strategies and entreprenuership.
  • Analytics Talk – Justin Cutroni of EpikOne writes about the array of Google products, including analytics, he works with.
  • Original Signal Transmitting SEO – Aggregation of the 15 most popular SEO blogs and web sites ranging from Search Engine Watch to Search Engine Land and TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.
  • Cam Balzer Web-Cite – Google/DoubleClick/Performics’ VP of Emerging Media writes about 2.0 topics, search and marketing along with a few ranted items.

Search Marketing Blogs Update 051807

With a bit of housecleaning, the big list of search marketing blogs has been trimmed down! Nearly 100 blogs were removed from the list this week. Removals were based on blogs that have not updated in the past month. This week’s additions include:

  • AdGeek – Direct response copywriter Jeff Horsager offers a nice mix of marketing, optimization, email marketing and social media with an eye towards metrics and analytics. “If it can be measured, it can be improved.”
  • Semfire – Based in Queensland Australia, Christine Parfitt writes mostly about paid search with some natural optimization as well.
  • agerhart – Andrew Gerhart, the Director of SEO for Primedia Automotive, writes about in-house SEO issues, optimization, web 2.0 topics and search engine news.

Search Marketing Blogs Update 042007

Last week’s search engine marketing blogs update suffered a little skipperoo as it was the last day of SES New York and a travel day. I’ve decide to spend more time writing about each blog so readers get more of an idea about what to expect. Let me know if that’s a good idea or not. 🙂

Some interesting entries this week though and definitely worth checking out – maybe worth adding to your blogroll!

  • Vanessa Fox Nude – Gets your attention doesn’t it? This self titled Googler’s blog is about a number of things and yes, SEO topics slip in often enough to be included in our fine list and no, there are no nude pictures. It’s nice to see another webmaster-famous Googler blogging, not that we’re bored with Matt Cutts or anything. Vanessa writes with mixture of humor and just a touch of geek, which is perfect for the SEO loving crowd. Read the inspiration for the blog title from Dave Naylor.

Search Marketing Blogs Update 040607

Diligent as we are, here is another weekly update of the big list of search engine marketing blogs.

There you have it!

Search Marketing Blogs Update 022307

I assure you it’s worth the wait for this week’s list of blogs added to the big list of search engine marketing blogs. Here is the updated OPML file and the text file for you CSE junkies out here.

The overall list is now around 380 blogs, but we’ll be trimming that down in the next week or two as we audit the list for those that are not posting regularly.

  • Market Position – A group blog about search marketing from WebTrends, owners of Web Position Gold.
  • The PPC Book – Jeff Hudson, who works as a client side search marketer, blogs about Pay Per Click marketing.
  • Widget Logic – Jason Duke has revived this previously dormant blog about search engines and marketing online.

Search Marketing Blogs Update 021607

This week’s list of search engine marketing blogs is a lot slimmer due to a lot less time spent blogging and reading blogs this week. Google decided to give our SEO agency web site a BIG bump in rankings and the ensuing barrage of inquiries has kept us rather busy.

  • Blog – Group Blog from
  • Finding the Sweet Spot – Scott Clark, a web marketer from Kentucky blogs about a variet of personal and professional interests including SEO.
  • B2B SEO Blog – Galen De Young blogs about search marketing from a business to business SEO perspective.
  • MoreVisibility SEM Blog – The team at MoreVisibility cover industry news & events, online advertising, CPC, analytics and updates on the Search Engines.

Search Marketing Blogs Update 020907

Here we are again with this week’s additions to the big list of search engine marketing blogs. Of course the OPML file and plain text file have been updated as well.  Enjoy!

  • RSS Ray – Offers articles on internet marketing and also hosts an online radio show.
  • TMA E-Marketing blog – Minnesota search marketing firm blogs about all aspects of marketing online.
  • In Search of Stuff – Humorous look at the search marketing industry by Scottie Claiborne and Michael Motherwell.
  • Alibi Productions Blog – Drew Stauffer’s blog about marketing online.
  • Startuplay – A guide to China internet marketing written by Sergey Mirkin, a Russian born, Silicon Valley educated fellow living in China.
  • Search Insider – Media Post’s group blog on search marketing.

Search Marketing Blogs Update 0119087

Thanks to Amie for helping with this list of blogs we’ve been collecting and reviewing this week (and some from last week). This latest round of blogs have also been added to the big list of search engine marketing blogs.

  • Rothman Marketing Blog – Israel Rothman writes about internet advertising.
  • SEM Clubhouse – Christine Churchill, Jim Gilbert, Mike Churchill & Jeff Martin from KeyRelevance’s blog about search.
  • WebConnoisseur – Dustin Woodard‚Äôs thoughts on search, web analytics and the web in general.
  • Charlotte Internet Marketing – Keith Schilling’s Big Brush Media Blog.
  • PPC Blog – UK PPC specialist Dan Sharp offers news, articles, discussions, and all things pay per click.
  • Web Professor – Scott Horne’s take on online media.