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Lee Odden

Blogger Relations: Push or Pull? How to Get Bloggers to Mention Your Brand

Lee Odden on Feb 1st, 2012     Online Marketing, Online PR
Push Pull Blogger Relations

Is Your Blogger Relations Using Push & Pull PR Tactics?

Yesterday digital PR maven Adam Vincenzini pinged me about a post he was researching on how brands could make it easier for bloggers to talk about them. It’s a great question because mentions and links from influential content sources are priceless for credibility, awareness and in particular, social SEO.

This is a topic close to home because after 8 years of blogging here at Online Marketing Blog attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors, nearly 50k RSS subscribers, 13k blog Facebook Fans and 16k blog Twitter followers, I’ve had the opportunity to be pitched, schmoozed and numerous other tactics to get me to talk about companies that want exposure. After all that, I can say I think I’ve found the magic formula that will almost guarantee bloggers will talk about a particular brand.

Lee Odden

Beyond Linkbait with Media and Blogger Relations – SES NY

Lee Odden on Mar 19th, 2008     Link Building, Online Marketing, Online PR, Public Relations, Search Engine Strategies

On Thursday I’ll be presenting on a panel, “Beyond Linkbat: Getting Authoritative Mentions Online” with Chris Boggs and Sally Falkow. Sage Lewis will be moderating. I think this type of session is very timely as search engines begin to put more and more emphasis on higher quality and editorial link sources and less on sources that are easier to manipulate. Increasing competition online also means online branding and influence increase in their importance.

Online PR is a perfect solution for a topic that shines less light on tactics du jour, althought linkbaiting still works well, and more on leveraging the media and centers of influence online. I’ve written about how SEO and Online PR can work together in the past, but in this presentation I’ll be focusing on the Do’s and Don’ts of media relations and blogger relations.

Lee Odden

SEO Tips for Public Relations

Lee Odden on Feb 13th, 2008     Online PR, Press Release Optimization, Public Relations, SEO

During the PRSA International Conference I had the opportunity to talk with Eric Schwartzman about the interplay of search engine optimization and online public relations. There’s plenty of sage advice for PR professionals interested in leveraging SEO tactics for public and media relations in the interview (Eric interviews Lee), so if you have 25 minutes be sure to click the link above and listen. Otherwise, here is a paraphrased accounting of our talk:

How can SEO can help an organization raise awareness?

People are looking for information, they use a variety of types of search such as Google, Yahoo, Live and Ask as the predominant channels. There’s also news search , blog search and search within social media sites. Any time something can be searched on, that’s an optimization opportunity. Increasing awareness comes from making it easier for people to find you when they’re looking for information.

Lee Odden

New Media and Blogging for Influence with Journalists

Lee Odden on Jan 10th, 2008     Blog Marketing, Blogging, Online Marketing, Online PR, Public Relations

In a recent study by Omnicom Group’s Brodeur and Marketwire about how journalists use blogs, it was found that blogs are are a regular source for journalists for improving the speed of reporting news as well as guiding tone, but not for improving quality:

  • Over three quarters of reporters see blogs as helpful in giving them story ideas, story angles and insight into the tone of an issue
  • Nearly 70 percent of all reporters check a blog list on a regular basis
  • One in four reporters (27.7%) have their own blogs
  • About one in five (16.3%) have their own social networking page
  • Almost half of reporters (47.5%) say they are “lurkers”
  • Over half said that blogs were having a significant impact on the “tone” (61.8%) and “editorial direction” (51.1%) of news reporting
Lee Odden

Public Relations Benefits from SEO

Lee Odden on Oct 30th, 2007     Online PR, Public Relations, Reputation Management, SEO

On the heels of the PRSA conference last week, the topic of how search plays a part in online PR effectiveness has continued to enter into the increasing numbers of discussions we’ve been having with companies working on figuring out where to best leverage their 2008 marketing/PR dollars. It’s that time of year again. :)

Now more than ever, PR and media relations efforts can benefit from attention to how search engine visibility influences consumer perceptions and the way both consumers and the media find information online. With an increasing variety of search types to choose from including standard search like Google, Yahoo, Live and Ask as well as platform or content type specific search such as news, blog, image, video and options within social media web sites, brings new opportunities to optimize content.

Lee Odden

Leveraging Social Media and SEO for Public Relations

Lee Odden on Jun 8th, 2007     Marketing Industry News, Marketing PR Conferences, Online Marketing, Online PR, Press Release Optimization, SEO, TopRank Agency News


Coming up very quickly next week is the Media Relations Summit in Washington D.C. and I’ll be bringing one of our account managers, Mike Yanke, who works with many of our public relations clients to learn from some of the best and brightest in the PR and media relations industry.

I’ll be joining fellow SEO/social media/PR practitioners Jamie O’Donnell and Sally Falkow, who are both flying in from California, in a session called “Media Relations Unbound: How SEO and Social Media Have Revolutionized Our Reach”. I’m speculating that Greg Jarboe is on yet another exotic island vacation. :)

In this session we’ll be providing both high level and practical insight into how public relations practitioners can and should leverage social media and search engine optimization to extend their reach and media relations effectiveness. Here’s the official session description:

Lee Odden

TopRank Down Under with SEO, PR and Reputation Management

Lee Odden on Mar 18th, 2007     Blog Marketing, Blog Optimization, Blogging, Marketing PR Conferences, Online Marketing, Online PR, Other Events, Press Release Optimization, Public Relations, RSS, SEO, TopRank Agency News

SunRise at 35,000 ft
Susan and I made it to Sydney, Australia early this morning and go to watch the sun rise over Eastern Australia during the descent. After a few hours getting through customs, then getting our bags x-rayed on the way out and then getting checked again to get into a line to get to the exit of the airport, we made it outside for the line to the taxis. It might have been a lot of hurry up and wait, but we were just thankful to be outside in the fresh air.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a presentation on SEO and Public Relations. The buzz about SEO and PR has been strong the past few years, especially with Greg Jarboe, Jamie O’Donnel, Sally Falkow, Amanda Watlington and many others including TopRank making significant headway into developing new strategies and tactics for clients.

Jolina Pettice

Tips on Getting Media Interviews

Jolina Pettice on Jan 11th, 2007     Online Marketing, Public Relations

Note from Lee: When you’re trying to raise your profile in an industry, media interviews are a necessary stepping stone for the kind of coverage that can boost your reputation. However, getting interviews with journalists is not often an easy task. To bring some insight to pitching media for interviews, Jolina Pettice, an Account Manger and Public Relations Specialist with M&O – TopRank, shares a few tips for marketers that are not seasoned PR professionals.

“Needle in a Haystack ‚Äì Basic Tips to Securing the Elusive Media Interview”

Do you feel like media interviews are difficult to attain? If so, reflect for a few minutes on the ‚Äònews‚Äô that you‚Äôve sent out to your media list recently. It’s important to remember that journalists receive an enormous number of email pitches each day from public relations firms and companies trying to gain coverage. Be sure to ask yourself, “What are we doing to break through all that noise?”

Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs 120106

Lee Odden on Dec 1st, 2006     Blogging, Online Marketing, SEO

Google Watch – Steve Bryant from eWeek

Online Marketing Research – Oleg Ishenko

Original Signal – Marketing – A collection of feeds from leading marketing blogs (including ours, yeah!)

Big Marketing for Small Business – Rajan Sodhi

I’d also like to share a few blogs from the TopRank team:

Blogger Design – TopRank’s own SEO Designer, Thomas McMahon aka TwisterMC

Creative Marketing – SEO/PR Account/Project Manager Jolina Pettice

Media Relations – SEO/PR Account/Project Manager Karen Sams

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