TopRank Holiday Party

Sue, Chris and Karen looking mah-velous!

With our move into the new office on Lake Minnetonka, we decided to do something different this year for our company holiday party. Instead of dinner at a swank and stylish restaurant downtown Minneapolis, we decided to have the party catered to our office via D’amico.

The crazy part of all this is that we’re still working on the “furnishing” of the office which worked to our advantage for the party. The other interesting consideration was that last year there were 12 people and this year we had 22!

I really wish I had taken more photos, but the food, conversation and Sue’s “team appreciation” presentation ala Powerpoint no less, were enough to distract me from my usual candid taking duties at social events.

Integrating SEO with Public Relations

Karen Sams over at our PR firm does a nice job explaining the value and benefits of incorporating search engine optimization with public relations in a short PR and SEO video case study.

You hear a lot of buzz about PR and SEO in articles, on forums, conferences, etc with few practical examples. Of the examples that are shown, they are often repeats of the same example. For some variety and insight, Our team put together a short video with information on one particular client campaign involving search engine optmization and public relations with impressive results.