SES Keynote Speech – Rodney Dangerfield School of Search Marketing

SES Chicago 2007 - Magnifying GlassWrapping up the day was Don Shultz, Ph D and professor at Northwestern University, who introduced attendees to what he calls the Rodney Dangerfield School of Search Marketing“.

As a search marketer, do you ever feel like you’re under the magnifying glass to produce bigger, better, faster results? And results that don’t fit into traditional marketing measurements?

Don motivated the crowd by insisting that search engine marketers need some respect from traditional marketers within organizations. So, how do we get respect? Here are Don’s ideas on how we can change the marketing world.

Transition from static to dynamic marketing

Don talks about the 3 different types of marketing organizations:
1. Product driven – i.e. General Motors
2. Distribution driven – i.e. Wal-Mart
3. Customer-driven – i.e. Dell