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Online Marketing News: Google Banner Ads, 50 Tech Megatrends, Oracle Buys Compendium, The AP Sells Out

Nicolette Beard on Oct 25th, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

50 Powerful Statistics About Tech Mega Trends Affecting Every Business – There are five mega trends impacting the IT departments of every company: Mobile, Social, Cloud, Apps and Big Data. In this presentation, Vala Afshar reveals ten startling stats for each mega trend. @ValaAfshar

Oracle Buys Compendium, A Content Marketing Startup, To Build Up Its Arsenal Against Salesforce - Congratulations to Chris Baggott, founder of Compendium (and Exact Target) on the aquisition by Oracle, which also aquired Eloqua late 2012. The cloud markting space is heating up! TechCrunch

2014 B2C Content Marketing Research – 60% of B2C marketers expect their company’s content marketing budget to increase over the next 12 months. Learn about more trends here. Content Marketing Institute

Nicolette Beard

Online Marketing News: Forbes Cashing in on Native Ads, Google Ads Starring You, Top Tech Trends for 2014

Nicolette Beard on Oct 18th, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

Birthday Emails Infographic

Birthday Emails #Infographic –This email client solution provider conducted research involving more than 180 B2C brands—including retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, travel and hospitality, and nonprofits—shows that there’s plenty of opportunity for brands to delight subscribers with best wishes on their special day. Check out the stats and tactics below to learn the who, what, when, why and how of birthday emails. Exact Target

Can Cameo Make Two-minute Movies as Addictive as Vines? – With Cameo, your movies can be two minutes long, but no shot can last for longer than six seconds. The principle is inspired by Vine, and the lessons it learned early on: that the attention span of the average person is pretty short. The Verge

Nicolette Beard

Online Marketing News: Social Tools, Instagram Ads, Apple Tops Coca-Cola, Marketing Automation Trends

Nicolette Beard on Oct 4th, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

Social Media Analytic Tools

25 Awesome Social Media Tools (Your Brand Should Be Using) – When you’re managing your business on social media, it’s essential that you equip yourself with the right tools to do the job. Having the platforms and apps in place to effectively measure your ROI and maximize your social strategy will ramp up your results. This infographic from The Social Media Strategies Summit takes a closer look at 25 free and paid social media tools your brand should be using. MediaBistro

Explore Pinterest Boards with Bing – Back in April, Bing introduced the Pin to Pinterest feature, allowing visitors to pin and save results directly from Bing image search. This week they announce Image Collections for Bing image search, which brings together curated collections of images from around the web. Now, when you search for an image on Bing, you’ll notice related boards on Pinterest right alongside regular search results. Bing Blog

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Online Marketing News: Google Dumps Keywords & Adds Hummingbird, Social Commerce Boom, Fake Reviews Spanked, Apple’s Big Bite

Nicolette Beard on Sep 27th, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

Building An Online Community That Begs For More – If you like to hobnob with rock stars like we do, then you’ll be happy to read through this Slideshare that was presented at the Social Media Rockstars event a few weeks ago in TopRank’s home state of Minnesota. Discover core engagement principles and how they can be translated across multiple platforms. Acknowledging and nurturing your online community members provide ample opportunities for authentic conversations. That’s the first step toward extending your online reach and creating ‘real life’ customer conversations. By Mykl Roventine

Nicolette Beard

Online Marketing News: Viral Anger, Google Tosses Cookies, Bing Facelift, Offline YouTubing, Pinterest Adds Ads

Nicolette Beard on Sep 20th, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

Tracking Pinterest Metrics
17 Pinterest Metrics Every Brand Should Track
– If you’ve ever needed a cheat sheet on the top metrics to track, Branderati and Shareroot created this colorful and helpful Infographic. For more detail, visit SocialMedia Today who created a text version of the content.

Google Buys Bump to Share Anything Between Your Phone and Laptop – The app allows you to select anything on your phone — photos, files — and transfer it to your computer simply by “bumping” the space bar of your laptop. And, vice versa, you can select just about anything on your computer, bump your space bar, and get it on your phone. VentureBeat

Nicolette Beard

Online Marketing News: #CMWorld Rocked!, Yahoo Yodeling, Foursquare Exploding, Livefyre Storifying, Twitter IPO

Nicolette Beard on Sep 13th, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

Yahoo’s New Logo Still ‘Whimsical,’ Still Purple – Hot or not, Yahoo execs have finally decided on a new logo after a 30-day testing period. “We wanted a logo that stayed true to our roots (whimsical, purple, with an exclamation point) yet embraced the evolution of our products,” Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Savitt said. You can see all the logo contenders that Yahoo tried out in its month long search. Ragan’s PR Daily

In Other Online Marketing News…

Content Marketing World 2013 was a Smash Hit! – With a rock and roll theme, CMWorld brought in content marketing rock stars from all over the world including major brands, thought leaders and up and coming practitioners. TopRank made a big splash with the Content Marketers Who Rock eBook and Lee Odden’s presentation to over 400 attendees on the Future of Content on the Search and Social Web. In fact, Lee was one of the most mentioned people on Twitter during the entire conference according to analysis from Cision. See you again next year! Coverage: CME, PR Newswire, Cision, Eloqua, King Content, Salesforce

Nicolette Beard

Online Marketing News: Surviving Hash Tags, Social Selling, Best Buy Googlers, Bad Ass Slideshare Tactics

Nicolette Beard on Sep 6th, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

Tips to Survive the Tagging Invasion – Some things to keep in mind: Hash tags are here to help not hurt. Many applications support it. With Facebook being the latest platform to support hash tags, its army of over one billion users cannot be ignored. 71% of people using social media use hash tags. The branded hash tag has become ubiquitous. Using hash tags correctly can extend the reach of your post. You can gain followers and exposure with a strategy. And there are nuances to using hash tags depending on the platform.

Bottom line: Hash tags are taking over the world, one phone, television and computer screen at a time and are here to stay. @hkogachi

Nicolette Beard

Online Marketing News: 80 Rules of Social, Vine Growing, Yahoo Topples Google, Shoppers Go Mobile, Top Twitter Women

Nicolette Beard on Aug 30th, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

80 Rules of Social Media

The 80 Rules of Social Media by @JeremyWaite is a clever Pinterest style infographic offering 80 tips and insights on the world of social media. You’d think by now we’d have heard everything there is to hear about social media, but this collection covers a lot more than the social web. There are gems here like, 42: “If fans start publishing and sharing your content without your permission, offer to help.” and of course 67: “Giving away free iPads to people on Facebook is fine – as long as you have no intention of building a lasting relationship with them”. bitrebels

Nicolette Beard

Online Marketing News: Hello Glassrooming, Facebook Internet, Google & Amazon Go Down, Twitter TV Trends

Nicolette Beard on Aug 23rd, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

Google Social Business Networks

Google Digs Deeper into Social Business: As a key part of Google’s approach to the Social Business market, they last week launched the Google+ API Domains. The feature, which will allow companies to develop business tools over the Google+ platform, consolidates the social network as a solution that aims to meet the needs of the enterprise user not only in making connections and social relations within the corporation, but also as an enterprise tool for communication and collaboration – a niche which has never “attracted interest from Facebook.”

The Wired article entitled, “Google+ Focuses on Area Facebook Ignores: Corporate Social Networks” may be missing the entire story. Microsoft’s operating system is entrenched across corporate America, with Sharepoint already providing the corporate intranet connection for many. Facebook may not be the loser here. This latest adventure outside the Googleplex will be one to watch.

Nicolette Beard

Online Marketing News: Facebook VIP, Twitter IPO, Mobile Search to Dominate, Fake Web Traffic

Nicolette Beard on Aug 16th, 2013     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

Mobile Users Search Habits

Analytics firm, BIA/Kelly has predicted that mobile search queries will overtake desktop queries by 2015. Mobile search is an unavoidable part of digital marketing. If brands don’t adapt to consumer behavior, they risk becoming side lined if their competitors are faster to react. And, contrary to long held assumptions, people search for more than just pizza and movie theatre show times on their mobile device.

Here are 30 compelling mobile search stats that will help you determine the kind of mobile search strategy you need to have in place from eConsultancy.

In Other Online Marketing News…

Instagram now lets users (and marketers) post canned video – Up to now, Instagram and Vine users could only upload videos captured in the moment. With this new feature, users can import any 15 seconds of video from their media library. This could be a big bonus for marketers – ReadWrite

Lee Odden

Online Marketing News: Internet Paranoia, Pinterest Commerce Dominates, Facebook Embeds, LinkedIn Adds Stats

Lee Odden on Aug 2nd, 2013     Online Marketing News

Paranoia infographic

The new movie Paranoia has partnered with the Huffington Post to create an infographic touting the dangers of poor social media and internet security. The movie stars Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman as two powerful tech billionaires — and bitter rivals. Also in the movie is Liam Hemsworth, a young superstar trapped in their life-and-death game of corporate espionage. The infographic includes statistics and common mistakes that lead to compromised internet security that topically falls in line with themes in Paranoia. Overall a clever use of content to promote a movie.

In Other Online Marketing News…

LinkedIn launches new Company Page analytics for tracking follower growth, post performance and more. There are also filters for looking at clicks, likes, comments and shares – The Next Web

Lee Odden

Online Marketing News: Fortune 500 Social Media Pops, Sharknado!. Boomers Online Not TV, Ecomm & Tech Boost Spending

Lee Odden on Jul 19th, 2013     Online Marketing News

Fortune 500 Social Media Report

The annual study of Fortune 500 company blogs and social media use by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has been published for 2013 indicating the largest increase in corporate blogs since 2008. Other statistics from the report:

  • 77% of Fortune 500 companies have at least one Twitter account
  • Consumer Food Products and Specialty Retailers lead with Twitter adoption
  • Facebook, Google and Starbucks have the largest Twitter following with a combined 20,000,000 Twitter followers
  • 69% of Fortune 500 companies have a Facebook fan page
  • Facebook, Coca Cola and Walt Disney have the largest Facebook following with a combined 300 million fans
  • 69% of Fortune 500 companies have a YouTube account
  • 9% of Fortune 500 companies have a Pinterest account

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