ReviewMe Owner Sells Performancing Assets to PayPerPost

Early this morning Techcrunch scooped a story on the sale of certain assets from Performancing to PayPerPost. Here is the press release from Business Wire with all the “formal” details.

Here is the lowdown: PayPerPost is acquiring the Performancing Metrics and Exchange features and the Performancing for Firefox blog editor and Performancing Partners ad technology will be retained and launched under new brand names.

What makes this interesting is that one of the owners of Performancing is Patrick Gavin who is also co-founder of Review Me, a competitor to PayPerPost. Patrick was nice enough to provide me some of the inside scoop “off the record” as well as this “official” comment:

Pubcon Roundup: Videos, Photos and Blog Posts

I have to say, the Pubcon conference last week was one of the better search marketing conferences I’ve been to. The overriding impression from just about everyone I talked to was that the content was great and the networking even better.

Below is a roundup of Online Marketing Blog’s blog posts, photos and videos from the WebmasterWorld Pubcon Las Vegas 2006. I have to say thanks to everyone that let me put my Sony CyberShot to the test and do these 1 minute “interviews”. :

Brett Tabke – WebmasterWorld
(Happy about the conference, speakers and the next one in Vegas)

Greg Hartnett – Best of the Web
(Pubcon has been very good to BOTW and those black shirts are marketing genius)