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Lee Odden

Be Geek Cool and Lose the WWW

Lee Odden on Sep 22nd, 2006     Online Marketing, Rant

Something I’ve been noticing the past few months is an increasing number of web sites that do not use www. Either this is a trend that’s full force and I’ve missed it (busy with SEO clients) or it’s a trend picking up steam. Or maybe it’s a techie geek sort of thing as most of the sites I’ve noticed are a bit geeky. And they would take that designation as a compliment I think.

First I noticed Glen Stansberry’s excellent blog was shortened to just Then Thomas aka TwisterMC’s new blog, did the same thing.  And just today I noticed Greg Hartnett ( of BOTW has just said no to the www. It’s not just these sites though, I’ve noticed many others too.

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