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Lee Odden

ChaCha Search Engine Gets $6m Funding from Jeff Bezos and others

Lee Odden on Jan 8th, 2007     Marketing Industry News, Online Marketing, Search Engines

ChaCha, the new search engine founded by Scott Jones and Brad Bostic has secured $6 million in private funding from some pretty big names. ChaCha is unique because it allows you to search the web normally or with live assistance via real-time chat. Here’s the announcement from the press release:

“ChaCha, the only real-tim human-powered search engine in the world, announced today it received $6 million in private funding in 2006. The ChaCha search system is so innovative that 18 patents have been filed in the first year. The funding was led by Bezos Expeditions, the personal investment firm of Jeff Bezos, with additional participation from Rod Canion, founding CEO of Compaq Computer, and Jack Gill, veteran Silicon Valley investor, founder of Vanguard Ventures and current partner at Maven Ventures.”

Lee Odden

Google SearchMash

Lee Odden on Oct 2nd, 2006     Google, Marketing Industry News, Online Marketing

Phillip Lessen points to a very handy tool from Google called searchmash that appears to be a test interface for Google search results providing text SERPS in the left and matching images on the right. Each search result offers a dropdown menu of options that are normally presented as text links plus options for how you want the link to open.
What’s fun is that you can drag and drop the search results, ie, reorder them.¬†¬† You can also pick from text/images or all images.

Looks like someone’s 20% project I guess.

Lee Odden

Windows Live Search to Replace MSN Search

Lee Odden on Mar 8th, 2006     Marketing Industry News, Microsoft Bing, Online Marketing

Microsoft’s is getting major upgrades (very slow right now) via Scobelizer and more details including RSS feed search over at Read/Write Web.

According to

“Although still in test form, Windows Live Search signals the future direction of the company‚Äôs efforts in the market. It‚Äôs slated to eventually replace the MSN Search service that debuted last year, when Microsoft set out on its own in a bid to make up ground in the search business.”

CNET had an interview with Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of MSN information services who says Microsoft has closed the gap with Yahoo and is “within a couple of points of Google.” That’s a pretty bold claim which reminds me of an old adage, “Don’t tell me, show me.”

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