BIGLIST SEM Blogs Update 011808

SEO Blogs

Another freezing week here in Minnesota means less time outside and more time checking out new search marketing blogs. I present to you dear readers, this week’s additions to the BIGLIST of SEO and Search Marketing Blogs.

  • B(abble)log – A.C. (Anne Charlotte) Riley is a tenured online marketer and copywriter that blogs about all manner of marketing topics.
  • Inside Facebook – Justin Smith, Jonathan Lipps and Collin Smillie blog about Facebook inside and out.
  • NowSourcing – With Brian Wallace social media is the name of the game.
  • Kolbrener BLOG! – I appreciated this advertising/interactive agency blog’s self description enough to use it as is here: “Our thoughts on branding, advertising, marketing, design, interactivity and whatever we want.” They also blog about marketing and search engine optimization.

BIGLIST SEM Blogs Update 011108

SEO Blogs

It’s been a busy week BIGLISTers, but today we have a nice collection of Search Marketing Blogs for your weekend reading pleasure.

  • Live Search Webmaster Center Blog – Official blog of the Live Search Webmaster Center team with just a little bit of a bias with SEOmoz and Search Engine Land as the only other blogs they link to.
  • Dellanave – With a ton of success doing development and monetizing web sites, Shoemoney associate and fellow Minnesotan Dave Dellanave is making another go of the blogging thing writing mostly about tech but also SEO, SEM and related experiences.
  • BlogStorm – Popular UK blogger Patrick Altoft offers an abundance of tips on internet marketing and SEO.

Search Marketing Blog Awards Announced

Updated! See Below:

Search Engine Journal began announcing the winners of it’s 3rd Annual Search Engine Marketing Blog Awards today. Voting covered 19 different categories ranging from best conference coverage to best SEO blog. With that many categories, I’d be surprised if Loren posted them all in one day. It’s great link bait with this post as a testament. TopRank Blog was nominated in 4 categories which have yet to be announced.

The votes tally was interesting as quantity is not what wins, but quality. In other words, some blogs received far more votes than others, but their average score was lower than those blogs getting lesser votes with a higher average. This should be a consideration for participants next year to guide the way they contact their networks to draw attention to the voting. Congrats to all! I’ll keep a running tally of winners and runners up below as they are announced:

BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 122807

SEO Blogs

It’s here. It’s finally here. The last BIGLIST seo blog reviews post of 2007. In all, we’ve reviewed over 700 SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing blogs with only 400 or remaining. Who made this final BIGLIST post of the year? Read on:

  • Digerati Marketing – UK based Mark Cook uses a blog as his company website and writes about all aspects of marketing online ranging from viral marketing to search engine optimisation (yeah, with an “s”) and some white/black hat for good measure.
  • Stomper Blog – A new blog from Andy Jenkins and the team at StomperNet starts with a bang using entertaining and clever SEO tips on video packaged as “Going Natural 2.0”. It’s a straightforward strategy, albeit very nicely packaged, of giving away content as part of their efforts to promote Stomper Scrutinizer software.

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs 122107

SEO Blogs

After a lackluster entry last week, at least as far as blogs to be added, we’re back on track with SEO and SEM blogs for the BIGLIST.

  • Seer Interactive SEO blog – Wil Reynolds at Philadelphia based Seer Interactive blogs the gamut of SEO/SEM and internet marketing subjects.
  • Billy’s Blog – Billy works at Widemile in Seattle and blogs a lot on the topic of landing page optimization, a/b testing and multivariate testing.
  • Raven SEO Tools Blog – Jon Henshaw and Lee Smith-Bryan of Nashville based Sitening blog mostly about SEO tactics along with the ususal fare of search industry topics and commentary.
  • Linkworth Blog – Need to know your way around text link ads, paid blog reviews and the like? This blog might be for you.

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 121407

 SEO Blogs

There’s a first time for everything dear readers and today is the first time we do not have new BIGLIST SEO/SEM blog reviews and feeds to be added to the already bloated RSS reader of your choice. That’s not to say we don’t have several in queue, but they’re too new or there are other reasons it’s not time yet. It might also have to do with the fact I’ve been on the road the past week+ and haven’t had as much time to explore new SEM blogs.

Alternatively, I’ll use this post as a reminder of what it is we look for to be included in the BIGLIST.

  • At least 80% on search, social media marketing or web marketing.

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 120807

SEO Blogs

This BIGLIST search marketing blogs update is going up on a Saturday as we had more than enough posts go up yesterday. There are quite a few additions. Enjoy some weekend SEO reading:

  • Social Blog Roll – This is a cool tool from Nick Wilsdon of einternet that enables you to stay on top of what’s happening in the search marketing world by polling the blog rolls of popular search marketing blogs and ranking them based on the number of votes they get.
  • Online Marketing Mavens – Minnesota based Lisa Raehsler, a SEM guru, and Sarah Zielie, an Interactive Media enthusiast, join forces to study and share insights, secrets, and tips in their respective fields.

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 112307

SEO Blogs

With our U.S. readers recovering from heavy doses of tryptophan from yesterday’s turkey-fest, we wanted to offer up another sparky update on the BIGLIST of search marketing blogs.

In the past we’ve written about ways to get on the BIGLIST either as a result of us finding new blogs in the wild or noticing blogs linking to us.

To change things up a bit, another way blogs that cover SEO, PPC or social media marketing might consider hitting our radar is to either mark Online Marketing Blog as a Technorati favorite and/or following the weekly BIGLIST updates on Twitter.

This week’s update includes a collection of mostly new blogs covering that familiar territory of SEO and social media with some great representation from our neighbors to the North. Enjoy!

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 111607

SEO Blogs

With Danny Sullivan’s categorization of the Search Engine Land blogroll, it really drove home the need to do the same with our BIGLIST of SEO blogs. The current alphabetization has worked for the first few hundred blogs, but now were near 500 overall. Unfortunately, it’s a very, busy time at TopRank right now so while a categorization of the BIGLIST is in the queue, it will likely be first quarter 2008 before we can get it rearranged.

If there are any brave souls who would like to attempt such a feat (categorizing BIGLIST), I would be happy to give you credit at the top of the list. Just email blog at toprankresults dot com.

Now on to this week’s update:

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 110907

SEO Blogs

We have more new blogs added to the BIGLIST than you can shake a USB key fob at this week. Step right up for your weekly dose of SEO, PPC, social media and web analytics. If you’re a Twitter fan, now you can get weekly BIGLIST updates at:

  • Conversation Marketing – Ian Lurie offers common sense internet strategies, tutorials and observations that really run the gamut of online marketing topics ranging from email marketing to SEO to blogging.
  • Social Media Explorer – Jason Falls, a social media marketing professional, blogs all the social media angles including news, newtworking, PR and analytics.
  • Cesar Serna – Cesar works as a developer/programmer for Greg Boser and Dax Herrera and blogs his personal observations about conferences, his work and the SEM industry.

BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 10/26/07

SEO Blogs

It’s a light week for the BIGLIST of search marketing blogs but good all the same.  Enjoy!

  • Search Engine Experts Blog – Harry Joiner is an executive recruiter in the interactive and new media space, which also includes search marketing. In this blog he writes about industry news and topics of particular interest to SEO and SEM.
  • An Internet Consultant Speaks -Scott Hendison covers a range of topics rooted in SEO but including general web marketing topics to  PR to blog marketing tactics.

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BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 102007

SEO Blogs

A week on the road can really back things up like email and BIGLIST seo blog updates. Better late than never though, so check out this week’s additions for your weekend RSS reading pleasure.

  • SemAngel – Gary Angel, President and CTO of Semphonic, writes about all aspects of web analytics for search marketing. This is a great example of a thought leader and subject matter expert blog.
  • Search Engine Optimization Journal – With roots in old school direct marketing, Nick Stamoulis has been involved with internet marketing for over 10 years and writes specifically about SEO.
  • Tamar Search Blog – This isn’t the superwoman blogger Tamar you’re probably thinking of, it’s the Tamar Search Conversion Agency based in London and Capetown with blog topics ranging from search and social media marketing to usability and conversion analytics.