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Lee Odden

5 Pros and Cons of SEO Consultant vs Agency

Lee Odden on Jul 20th, 2007     Business of SEO, Online Marketing, SEO

A reader commented recently about not wanting to hire an entire agency, but rather an individual consultant for search marketing services. From a service provider perspective, I’ve tried it “both ways” so to speak, working at an agency, then as an independent consultant and now with our Public Relations and Online Marketing agencies.

There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to hiring consultants vs an agency engagement, but over time (10+ years) I think I’ve gained a fairly practical and experience based perspective.

As I see it, here are a few of the pros and cons of hiring consultants compared to hiring search marketing agencies.

Hiring a search marketing consultant


  • Specialized – you can get the best
  • Personal attention from a senior practitioner
Lee Odden

Wednesday Search Industry Links 020707

Lee Odden on Feb 7th, 2007     Marketing Industry News, Online Marketing

Eric Ward posts a wish list for Google’s new link analysis tools for sale

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Social Media Newsroom – SHIFT (This is cool and all, but our PR firm has been offering blog enabled media/news rooms with multi-media support for nearly 2 years)

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