SEO Blog Feeds has a slew of search engine related blog feeds worth checking out. There was some type of voting, and the feed for Online Marketing Blog (being called the Top Rank Blog for some reason) was listed in the top five SEO feeds.

I still like Aaron and Ralph’s lists best though.

Since my favorite SEO related blogs (Aaron, Loren, Barry, Andrew, Rand, Jim, Todd, Andy, Matt (who now beats me for the #1 spot on Google for “seo blog” hmmm), Danny and many more – sorry not enough time to list them all) that I know to be the “actual” most popular and respected seo blog feeds are not in the top list – I have to take the voting with a grain of salt. Actually, it’s good to take any kind of ranked list lightly. They can never be 100% accurate. But, I’ll take the link anyway :)