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Lee Odden

SEO Through Blogs & Feeds at SES

Lee Odden on Aug 28th, 2007     Blogging

Blogging MonkeysWhile out at SES San Jose, I couldn’t pass up the SEO Through Blogs & Feeds session. On the panel were Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts, Rick Klau from FeedBurner (now Google), Doug Hay of Expansion Plus Inc. and Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR.

Here are a few of the blog optimization tips they gave out.

  • Ensure your feeds are showing the full post, not just excerpts.
  • Up the number of items in your feed from 10 to 20 to give users more.
  • Consider promoting other feeds such as categories & comments.
  • Be sure your blog has a good internal linking structure. This can be done through category names, tag names or linking to your other posts inside new posts.
TopRank Online Marketing

Session: Personalization, User Data & Search

TopRank Online Marketing on Aug 21st, 2007     Marketing PR Conferences, Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies

Personalized Search Heat Map 3

The personalization of search results is not the only way to target someone, you can also personalize your website to ensure your visitors feel engaged as soon as they arrive.

Gordon Hotchkiss gave some great examples and data behind personalized search and proved that I actually does work. Everyone remembers the golden triangle right? It shows how people use Google and where they actually click. Now, with personalized search and universal search enabled, the golden triangle changes quite a it. The focus shifts to the content targeted directly to the user and, if there is imagery in the results, the users start there. In their test, Gordon said that when personalized search results were given, users were 3x more likely to click on a results and much less likely to click on ads.

Lee Odden

SES Video Tim Mayer of Yahoo Interview

Lee Odden on Aug 20th, 2007     Interviews, Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies, Spotlight on Search, Yahoo

Tim Mayer Yahoo

Going through proper channels, I was able to coordinate a short video interview with Tim Mayer of Yahoo. I’m a bit of a Yahoo fan and it was great being able to chat with Tim for a few minutes before we recorded on the various questions other speakers suggested.

In this video, Tim answers a few questions including:

  • What’s in store for Yahoo’s version of Universal search?
  • From Mike Grehan: “Why does my spam work so much better in Yahoo than it does in Google?”
  • From Stephan Spencer: “If another Yahoo web property was found to have violated Yahoo’s guidelines, what would you do?” ie, “What if you caught another Yahoo web site spamming, would you ban them?”
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Session: Universal & Blended Search

TopRank Online Marketing on Aug 20th, 2007     Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies

Universal search isn’t coming, it’s here. As searchers use their favorite search engine, they are seeing more than just web results. Movies, photos, news and much ore is showing up in regular search and you need to be ready.

Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR talked about how all the rules have been re-written and we need to learn how to use this to our advantage and watch it closely as it evolves. From a PR aspect, all press releases need to be optimized for search engines as they have a greater chance of showing up in the regular results that just a few months ago. Press releases also need to have pictures included as they can get picked up too. A quick search for Hillary Clinton on Google shows a few pictures that aren’t very flattering. Optimizing better photos could easily correct this, but not enough PR agencies are paying attention to the new universal search results. There are more items showing up than many people realize. Greg also stated that a blog post is quickly becoming the new press release in many industries.

Lee Odden

SES Videos – Conversation with Michael Gray and Bryan Eisenberg

Lee Odden on Aug 20th, 2007     Interviews, Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies

While in the speaker ready room this morning, I had the chance to sit down with Michael Gray and Bryan Eisenberg for a quick discussion about social media marketing and the changes with the influence “friends” have on social news sites like Digg.

Does reducing the weight of votes from “friends” take away from the reason people engage with social media sites? Find out in the video:

YouTube Preview Image
Lee Odden

SES San Jose Videos – Dan Perry

Lee Odden on Aug 20th, 2007     Interviews, Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies

Our first video from Search Engine Strategies San Jose is with Dan Perry of who talks about the value of attending search marketing conferences for in-house SEMs. He also promotes the SEMPO in-house search marketing event this evening where he’s the MC.

YouTube Preview Image
Lee Odden

Heading out to SES San Jose

Lee Odden on Aug 17th, 2007     Blogging

Myself, along with a few members of the TopRank crew, will be traveling out to SES in San Jose next week. This is my second time to California for SES and I’m excited to get the opportunity.

While out there, I’ll be covering a few sessions over on the Online Marketing Blog so be sure to watch that next week. I may also post a few here too during or after the conference. :)

If you’re going to attend too, look me up and say HI!

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TopRank Online Marketing

On The Way To SES San Jose

TopRank Online Marketing on Aug 10th, 2007     Marketing PR Conferences, Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies, TopRank Agency News

Hello Online Marketing Blog readers! My name is Mike Yanke and I am an Account Manager with TopRank Online Marketing.

Regular readers may know me as the guy who won the TopRank challenge with the blog post on Stephen Colbert’s marketing strategy, “Fish Wavers & Bridge Namers – How the “Greatest Living American” Reaches Unique Groups by Creating Unique Groups”. Regular lookers may know me as the guy who looks a bit like Brad Pitt in his sunglasses.

(Note from Lee: Everyone who meets Mike at SES, get a photo with him wearing sunglasses and post it on your blog with a link to this post. I will link back to you in a round up post!)

TopRank Online Marketing

SES San Jose, Here I Come

TopRank Online Marketing on Aug 9th, 2007     Marketing PR Conferences, Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies

Hello loyal Online Marketing Blog readers!  I am the aspiring linking guru around these parts, trying to learn as much as possible while still kicking butt for our clients. It has been an educational and thoroughly enjoyable time with the TopRank team so far.

In just over a week, I will be heading to SES San Jose with my colleagues, Mike, Melinda, Thomas and our CEO Lee Odden. I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am for this conference. Finally, I get to put faces to the names I have been hearing every day since I started. I will get to network with seasoned SEO and SEM professionals and probably take in more information in three days than I did during one semester of college.

Lee Odden

TopRank Bloggers to Cover SES San Jose 2007

Lee Odden on Aug 8th, 2007     Online Marketing, Search Engine Strategies


I wasn’t sure we’d be able to pull all the pieces together, but you should see five of our TopRank team at the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose blogging sessions, networking and bringing a new perspective to the event coverage.

The TopRank bloggers will include a mix of of perspectives and experience with search marketing.

If you’re a long time reader of Online Marketing Blog then you’re likely familiar with Thomas McMahon, who posts here on occasion but mostly at If you need to know anything about blogging, blog software, blog promotion and all the widgets and plugins that go with it, be sure to visit BloggerDesign. Thomas has been responsible for keeping Online Marketing Blog designed well and running smoothly along with making tools like the RSS Button maker and the Social Bookmarks creator over the past 3+ years. Thomas really wants a new MacBook Pro and if he’s good the next 2 weeks, he’ll have one on the way to San Jose.

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