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Defining Tagging

TopRank Online Marketing on May 24th, 2006     Blog Marketing, Blog Optimization, Blogging, Online Marketing, SEO, Social Bookmarking

This is a re-post, with minor edits, from my blog, Blog on a Stick. I felt that it was worthy of posting here too.
-Thanks Thomas

For those that are just jumping into the blog world, or the Web 2.0 world for that matter, there is a new idea out there called tagging. Much like folders or categories, it’s a way of keeping things organized.

Lets start out simple with folders.

On your computer you have folders. Maybe a documents folder for paperwork, pictures folder for pictures and so on. You’ve probably even created your own folders. “Christmas 2005″ or “Work Documents” The idea is to keep your files organized on your hard drive. Simple enough.

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