What Makes a Successful Social Media Marketing Team?

social media marketing teamAs companies test and deploy social media marketing efforts, the organizational structures for effective social media teams begin to evolve. On the client side, Public Relations often leads social media but that doesn’t mean other functional areas of the business aren’t involved as well, especially Marketing and Customer Service.

Being more social and by proxy, engaged in social media, is new territory for most organizations and hiring outside expertise is pretty common. There’s a challenge in vendor or consultant selection, because so many consultants and agencies have added “social media expert” to their repertoire without necessarily having that expertise. The whole “social media user is not a social media expert” topic is something I’ll talk about in another blog post.

Search Engine Optimization is a Team Effort

TopRank’s SEO Team in Paintball Gear

As much as companies find the need to outsource part or all of their SEO efforts, many do not have a clear picture of the value that comes from hiring an agency versus a full time, in-house SEO. While many consultants and some agencies offer “value meal” pricing and packages, the cost for a search engine optimization effort will vary based on the scope of the project, hours allocated, client side resources, web site technology and competitiveness of the market.

Web site managers that balk at monthly SEO retainers claiming they could hire a full time person for those costs to do SEO in-house don’t really understand all that’s involved with marketing a web site through search engines. Client side SEOs are more Project Managers than they are implementation experts and often get burdened with related tasks on top of continued internal education and evangelism. It’s a lot for one person to do and do well.