Top Online Marketing Blog Posts 2007

A lot of work can go into producing and promoting a popular blog. While we’ve made some progress in terms of raising the visibility of TopRank and have made a tremendous number of connections, I think we’re really only “half way there” as far as where we could be. Using blogs as a marketing and PR tool is a process of planning, execution, measurement and refinement like any other tactic. We’ll continue that trend with new features and design in 2008.

In the past when we’ve posted the most popular blog posts for the year, it was based purely on the number of visits. This time, we’re taking into account a mix of metrics including: visits, inbound links, comments and social bookmarks from services like and StumbleUpon.

Top TopRank Blog Posts for 2006

Here’s a roundup of the fifteen most popular posts or resources for 2006 hosted here on Online Marketing Blog. (not counting the home page):

  1. RSS Button Maker
  2. Getting Listed in News Search Engines
  3. Interview with Adam Lasnik of Google
  4. Social Bookmarks Tool
  5. Blogger Relations 101
  6. 25 Tips for Marketing Your Blog
  7. Matt Cutts Videos
  8. New Rules for Social Media Optimization
  9. Google Dance V Photos
  10. Online Marketing Blog Resources
  11. About Online Marketing Blog
  12. Yahoo Terry Semel Interview Video
  13. Gmail for Business
  14. Interview with Chris Pirillo
  15. Matt Cutts on Toolbar Data

Top ten referrers:

  • Google
  • digg (ouch!)
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • My Yahoo
  • StumbleUpon