SES Session: SEO and Development – Get It Together

Get It Together

It seems nearly every conference will have an overarching theme to it. (Rather, it seems the sessions I choose to attend at any given conference will have an overarching theme to them).

The final session I attended during Day 2 of SES Chicago, “SEO & Development: Get It Together” spoke further on what I had been seeing throughout the day, and served as a nice bookend to my first conference session, “Usability & SEO”.

The conference, moderated by Chris Boggs, included on its panel:

  • Geoff Karcher, President/Owner of The Karcher Group
  • Sage Lewis, President of SageRock.com
  • Colton Perry, SVP of Technology at NetPlus Marketing

The session continued on the overall theme of SEO & design working together from the conception of a website and through each of its days to ensure a powerful blend of creative and SEO best practices.