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Posted on Mar 2nd, 2004
Written by Lee Odden
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    Yahoo! to charge companies to ensure search index placement – Site Match, the commercial paid inclusion component of the new program, will be available on a subscription or full-service basis directly from Overture and other resellers.

    eWeek’s Take on Google Relevance Snippet: “Google’s reliance on link popularity may have finally hit a wall. Past a certain point, link counting rewards “optimized” sites rather than lesser-known sites that may contain exactly what you need.”

    Practical Guide to Basic SEO – Not a bad rundown of tactics, shameless plug included. From iMedia Connection.

    From WebProWorld:
    Two ways to get your site listed in Yahoo! (both require a Yahoo membership):

    1- If you have an RSS link that you would like for Yahoo to crawl, you must become a Yahoo member and then add your own RSS link to This will cause your information and feed to show up on My Yahoo! and will also submit the feed to Yahoo! Search. Tim says this method is a great backdoor into the Yahoo! system. More info on RSS Yahoo.

    2 – Yahoo is adding a new Add URL program. The Add URL program is a free service to Yahoo! members. When I have more information on this I will post.