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Search Engine Marketing

Maybe I should call this the “Friday Online Marketing Blog” since it appears I’ve only been posting on Fridays lately. Business is keeping

Search Engine Strategies, San Jose CA is coming up next week. Should be an excellent event. I may not have too many posts during the event but will have plenty to say when I get back.

Microsoft Launches Beta Version of NewsBot – Tests news service on MSNBC site drawing from more than 4,800 sources.

Overture Launches Search Optimizer – Tracks and manages campaigns and allows advertisers to automate keyword bidding based on performance-driven bid recommendations.

Link Building

There area a few web design sites I’ve visited recently looking for resources and to see how they link to other web sites. Many web designer web sites do not link out at all. Some are very organized about it. The following link is an example of what one web design firm asks other web sites to use for the link back:

1# Blue Gecko Web Design in New York
is a full service web design firm, specializing in custom graphic interface design, content management solutions, and online multimedia including audio, video & animation. Get your Free Quote today!

That’s a little more than what some sites feel comfortable with.  Most web designers are content with a simple link:
Web Design

Online Marketing for Results

Marketers Focus on Measurable Results – “Marketing Challenges 2004” survey conducted by Forrester Consulting by Unica Corp., a developer of enterprise marketing management software indicated 43% of respondents said they would increase spending on the Internet. – From BtoB Online

Microsoft Buys Lookout’s Search Tool – from iMedia Connection

Google Toolbar Adds “Browse by Name” Feature. Similar to the RealNames feature from way back, you can enter a phrase in your url or address bar and if Google deems there is an exact match, that site is delivered. If not, regular search results appear.

Google Acquires Picasa . Initially, Google partnered with Picase to improve photo publishing on Google’s service.

Yahoo Acquires Web Startup Oddpost – Oddpost provides a web-based email and news aggregation with no ads. At least until now.

New Microsoft Search

Microsoft launched a very cleaned up version of it’s search engine recently with an emphasis on whitespace and simplicity.

Microsoft also announced a preview of it’s new search engine technology today. I tried it a few times and it threw errors after searching more than once. But it’s a preview right? Hopefully it will be working soon to really test out.