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Link Building

Posted on Jul 23rd, 2004
Written by Lee Odden
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    There area a few web design sites I’ve visited recently looking for resources and to see how they link to other web sites. Many web designer web sites do not link out at all. Some are very organized about it. The following link is an example of what one web design firm asks other web sites to use for the link back:

    1# Blue Gecko Web Design in New York
    is a full service web design firm, specializing in custom graphic interface design, content management solutions, and online multimedia including audio, video & animation. Get your Free Quote today!

    That’s a little more than what some sites feel comfortable with.  Most web designers are content with a simple link:
    Web Design

    Or here’s an example of a directory link:
    SearchPole Web Directory – Search. Find. Fast. Description: SeachPole is a free web directory that offers access to hundreds of quality websites on any topic.

    The important thing about link building is that if you are asked to exchange links, will the site you’re linking to be of REAL value to your site visitors?  Also, take into consideration how the other site will link to yours.  They should use your suggested link text and url. A re-direct to your site is not as helpful, but better than no link at all.  Make sure sites of a similar nature are linking to yours and focus on quality, not quantity.  Avoid being listed on links pages that are not focused on a similar topic and that have more than 50 links per page.  Otherwise it looks more like a wholesale collection of links rather than a resources for site visitors.

    Spend a few hours per month looking for complimentary sites to link to yours and soon enough they’ll drive some traffic to your site and may assist in your search engine rankings.