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Search Engine News

Search Engines = Satisfaction – Pew Internet & American Life Project and comScore Networks revealed in a Data Memo on Search Engines Report that use of search engines ranks behind only e-mail as a frequent online activity and that 87% of search engine users say they find the information they want most of the time. Nothing new to those in search engine marketing, but the data is important to reinforce the fact that users are increasingly satisfied with their search experience. From an advertiser’s perspective that means search engines visibility will continue as an important contributor to brand exposure as well as a direct lead and sales tool. Via MediaDaily News

Search Engine Strategies San Jose

I have to say, the Search Engine Strategies, San Jose conference was amazing. What an incredible collection of people, all interested in the online marketing space. I heard estimates of 2500 – 4000 attendees, by far the largest showing of any SES show to date. Representatives from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and others presented at multiple sessions, providing priceless information on the current state and future of the search engine industry and marketing online.

I also met some great presenters and attendees of the show – too many to list here.

What’s really incredible is that my company now has direct insight into the nature of search marketing that we can bring to our clients, adding tremendous value the services we provide. I am recommending more of our staff attend the next SES conference in Chicago later this year.