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Topic Maps & Clustering

Wired ran an interesting article recently about how the U.S. Government is using topic maps to provide context for words that have multiple meanings. This would help infer meaning in examples like: Mustang car or Mustang horse?

This is the challenge for search engines as well. Clustering tools like those offered by Vivisimo’s Clusty search engine appear to be quite effective, but not widely adopted. A search on “Mustang” clusters groups of search results according to topics like “Parts”, “Horse” and a town in Oklahoma. This is a lot more helpful than a similar search on Google which displays mostly car web sites in the first page of results.

Webmaster World Search Conference

It’s a bit late to post on this I know, but it’s been a very eventful past 2 weeks.

The WW Search Conference in Las Vegas was an excellent event. It was well-attended and the content very useful ranging from Online PR to big/dynamic site optimization. It was quite entertaining to hear Greg Boser and Daron Babin reminisce about days past “brute force algorithm hacking” and cloaking – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Here’s great post on the Yahoo Search Blog. Yahoo and WebmasterRadio.FM threw a great “Casino Night” part at Rain, a nightclub in the Palms.

Also, Barry Schwarz from RustyBrick does an excellent job summarizing the conference.

BtoB SEO Found Lacking

Studies by SEM firm OneUpWeb and JupiterResearch indicate most BtoB sites are barely optimized, if at all. What it boils down to is a lack of education on the benefits of SEO. BtoB marketers think because they have big ticket products/services and typically longer sales cylces, that natural search visibility is of “no importance whatsoever”. From BtoB Online.

Some of the BtoB marketers out there just don’t get it. The sale may not occur online as is the case with consumer goods, but the credibility that comes with top ranking on both general industry keyword phrases and relevant, specific solutions phrases is priceless. It’s like getting press in an Industry publication read by your prospects. PLUS what’s the cost of NOT gaining top ranking in your category?

MSN Search Engine and Desktop Search

MSN prepares to promote search engine launch – from newmediazero

Former Yahoo exec becomes Blinkx CEO. Also included in this announcement: “Microsoft Corp. plans to launch a test version of Blinkx’s desktop search product by the end of the year.”

So Yahoo is building their own Desktop search and Microsoft will try a version of Blinkx. At least that’s what the current story is.

BtoB Search Marketing

Google Rules BtoB Search
Excellent article from Marketing Sherpa and Enquiro based on surveys taken by 1,500 business execs and IT pros.

Lesson #1. Google’s dominance is overwhelming in B-to-B
Lesson #2. Searchers are often warm (not yet hot) prospects
Lesson #3. Organic results are far more noticed than paid ads
Lesson #4. Position counts for clicks – but so does your copy
Lesson #5. 18.9% of Prospects Visit You *Before* Search Engines

Full article from Marketing Sherpa

BtoB Search Myths
One of the BtoB Myths metioned in the article that I often hear: “People don’t do searches for big ticket B2B products and services.” The article gives some good examples of how that’s just not true. We have client SEO programs that also prove it’s not true. A search on Wordtracker or Overture keyword suggestion tools for any of a variety of big ticket concepts reveals a pretty healthy amount of search activity.