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I noticed a few new SEO and Search Tools recently and decided to post several that you might find useful.

New – Backlink Tool – Checks unique domains pointing to a site. From Jim at WeBuildPages (thanks Aaron)

New – Google Suggest Scraper – Enter letters, words and it returns more than the default 10 phrases from Google Suggest. Interesting for keyword research specific to Google. From DaveN who also has several other interesting SEO Tools.

Keyword Pagerank Finder – For all you Pagerank-obsessed-crazed fans out there, this tool lets you search for sites that rank according to their Pagerank. From SEO-Guy who has several other SEO Tools.

Digital Point Keyword Suggestion Tool – Uses Overture AND Wordtracker data plus it’s free. Other useful tools here as well.

SEO Tool Set – From Bruce Clay. Tools range from estimating daily search activity for a particular search phrase to link analysis.

Poodle Predictor – Lets you view your site like a search engine would.

MarketLeap Tools – No list of SEO Tools would be complete without Marketleap.

Search Engine simulator – 1-Hit’s tool for viewing your site like a search engine would.

TouchGraph Google Browser – This is not so much an SEO tool as it is an interesting way to graphically view the linking/related sites to a particular site. Very cool.

Power Whois – Very cool tool to quickly find out Whois info, and also which domain names are associated with a particular ip. We use this when determining whether a prospective client is publishing duplicate content, a big no no for all major search engines.

SEO Chat Collection of SEO Tools – Ranging from Meta Tag Generator to Future Pagerank.

SEO Tools from SEO Company – This is a nice collection of 81 various SEO Tools.

There are obviously many, many other useful SEO Tools out there, this is just a quick list. I have over 100 more in my SEO Tools Bookmark folder but that would be too much for this blog.

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