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Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more desktop search releases, ZDNet UK News reports that at Macworld Steve Jobs gets bold and describes Apple’s new built-in search functionality “Spotlight” as better than Google and Microsoft. Obviously he hasn’t used Yahoo desktop search because it’s been working fantastically for me. Much faster and easier to use than Google or Blinkx so far. I have not tried MSN desktop search yet.

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  1. blinkx have just released a beta Mac version. I love the PC version and have been using it for the last six months. Great news for Mac users!

  2. Once Apple and Microsoft have their respective desktop search apps built into their Operating Systems, this game is up. Implementation as OS services, rather than as downloaded add-on applications, means better and more robust integration of search services and a better deal for consumers. Few if anyone will then be downloading 3rd party add-ons, at which point the desktop search market will effectively disappear as fast as it appeared. Face it, those apps have only appeared because Web search highlighted how poor the basic OS search functions were. Now that Apple and Microsoft are moving to address this oversight, well, goodnight Vienna.

  3. Just so everyone knows, Spotlight was introduced in July of 2004 before all the other desktop searches. However, it’s included in Mac OS X 10.4 due out the first half of 2005. And it’ll be awesome!