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A few tidbits regarding the trend of blog, RSS and search marketing:

News that Ask buys Bloglines. This news has gained quite a bit of coverage in the blogosphere, but very little in traditional news (yet). Formal announcement is to occur today or Tuesday.

I first read about Bloglines being purchased by Ask Jeeves on John Battelle’s Searchblog over the w/e but did not have time to post. One must have a real life outside the online world.

Excellent observations on RSS, Blogs and search from Traffick on Bloglines and the Future of Blogs, RSS and Search. “The “Ask-iquisition” of Bloglines will accelerate search engine interest in blogs and RSS. More big deals like this will follow.”

I’ve been reviewing Rok Hrastnik’s new eBook, “Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS” and it is hands down, the most comprehensive resource for marketing via RSS and blogs. This book would be worth many times the prices Rok is asking and at $49.95 it’s a steal. This includes free updates as well. I’ll be writing a more complete review of the book later this week.

Here’s a list of blog marketing resources and tools.

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