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Here are several recent search engine marketing articles that are worthy of posting:

“What if I were to tell you the majority of online purchases from search advertising happen after a searcher has conducted at least 12 nonconverting searches?” – Nonconverting Keywords and the Search Continuum – ClickZ

Current link popularity algorithms may be faulty in that they consider each page on the World Wide Web as a single node. However, different “blocks” on a page often have different semantics; for instance, a block on the left side of the page might contain a general navigational menu or text link advertisements, whereas the block on the right side of the page might contain an informational article or links to other Web sites about a certain topic. When VIsion-based Page Segmentation (VIPS) is applied, these blocks can be separated by a computer with a vision-based program. Each block can then be considered as the fundamental unit of analysis, rather than the entire page. When a link is scored in terms of its block, the link’s contextual relevance can be interpreted more intelligently by search engines. – Link Building in Light of VIsion-based Page Segmentation – ISEDB.com

What has more charts and graphs than Keith Richards’ medical file? Why an eMarketer search engine marketing report of course. Yes folks, in case you missed every research report published in recent search history, this is the place to get the search engine marketing executive summary. РSearch Industry Update РiMediaConnection

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