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Yahoo! Search revisited

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A few weeks ago I made the comment that I use Yahoo for my start page and Google for search. This prompted an inquiry from Nancy Evars of Yahoo search marketing on why that would be, why don’t I just use Yahoo for search as well as news and mail? At SES NYC I stopped by the Yahoo booth and Nancy took a moment to ask a few questions and we took a look at what the Yahoo search page currently looks like.

To be honest, I had not looked at it in a while. My searching of Yahoo had always been from the home page. On the the Yahoo Search page there’s a lot of white space like Google and it also includes mail login and news. You can easily remove those features by clicking the “x” close icon. Cool. I’ll try that page out as my browser start page to see if I use Yahoo search more often.

The other topic came up is that Yahoo offers so many tools and features, that not many people know what’s available. Yahoo! Shortcuts is a very cool collection of the many search features offered by Yahoo including Local search, News, Travel, Reference and various Calculators.

Before this starts sounding too much like a Yahoo love fest, I must say that as a SEO, I will always use Google to do some amount of searching since Google is the #1 referrer to the majority of our clients.

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