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I don’t often highlight particular blogs here, but there is a new blog from my friend Andy Atkins-Kruger of Web Certain that anyone interested in multilingual search engine marketing, particularly in Europe, should take note of.

The purpose of the blog is to bring information on the rapidly growing search market in continental Europe to a wider audience – easily accesible and summarized in English even if the source is not. Pretty nice feature for those of us who do not speak 3, 4 or 5 languages!

From Andy:

“I keep discovering that there’s a lot going on in continental Europe which just isn’t reported in the English-speaking world. There are many names with a strong local presence from new search engines and research resources, to search marketing tools, directories and pay per click providers – all busily building their businesses behind a veil of obscurity – caused largely by language barriers. The blog is trying to break through this and open up the European market which I know best for other search marketers.”

Well said Andy. If you want to better understand what’s happening in the European search market, check out the Multilingual Search Marketing blog.

You can also see Andy at the next Search Engine Strategies conference in London, where he’ll be speaking on Language and Domain Name Issues.

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