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MSN revives RSS aggregator and bookmarking tools

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MSN blog posted an entry with links to the start.com/1 RSS aggregator and start.com/2 bookmarking tools. I first noticed these Online Marketing Blog/2005/03/msn-rss-aggregator-startcom.html”>earlier in the year and it was interesting to see what would come out of it. The urls have been dead for a while but are now back online.

As a web based RSS feed aggregator, start.com/1 actually works pretty well – allowing you to add individual RSS feeds or import an OPML file easily or you can click on the preselected feeds on the left that are organized according to tabbed categories along the top.

However, to “start” using it, you need to click the “show” link. I don’t know why that is, the options should display first.

This version works a lot better than the first time I used it – it’s fast and easy to use, but there’s nothing particularly special about it. Light years behind bloglines.com as far as web based feed aggregators go.

The start.com/2 bookmark or favorites tool is significantly improved since the last time I viewed it. It will save any feeds you added in the RSS aggregator too. You can add favorites from IE and you can also use a favlet to add as you browse. It’s sort of a bookmarks meets RSS aggregator type of tool.

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