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Enterprise Google Desktop Search

Google is making a download available today of it’s desktop search tool for companies called: “

Google Desktop Search for the Enterprise has additional features including a series of installation, distribution, management, and security features that can be implemented according the specific needs of an organization.

Other features include the ability to index e-mail messages from IBM’s Lotus Notes and integration with Google Search Appliance and Google Mini.

“Google will compete against established players such as X1 Technologies and Autonomy. It will also compete against Microsoft, who this week announced its intention to develop an enterprise desktop search tool, which should be available in beta form by the end of the year.” via

The consumer version of Google Desktop Search was launched about 8 months ago.

Google Friends Newsletter Revived

I just received an email from the long dormant Google Friends group.

“We didn’t plan on having such a long hiatus from this newsletter, and for that we apologize. Aside from other projects we’ve worked on lately, we’ve revamped this newsletter. Each month from now on you’ll see an insider’s roundup of Google tips, insights into our products, plus stuff that inspires us.”

This discussion group was previously hosted with but moved last year. Now it’s hosted with Google Groups (beta). If you want to keep up to date with happenings at Google you can subscribe to here.

Yahoo Does Tags

Yahoo today posted in their blog about Tag Soup du Jour From YSDN. It’s a creation from the Yahoo! Search Developer Network (YSDN). What this shows you is how popular a tag is. The more it’s being used, the bigger the font size. It’s a quick overview of the most popular news stories on Yahoo News currently. Unfortunately it just grabs tags from Yahoo news at the moment, however these tag maps are popping up all over the internet. I was hoping that this was a creation as the main search engines have pretty much ignored tagging. I’m hoping that Yahoo or can create a better, more relevant, searching system with tags someday.

SEO SEM Firm Client Retention

Recent surveys of companies involved in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by Jupiter Research imply there are changes in store for client/SEM agencyrelationships. Gary Stein posts a very good article pointing out reasons why – along with suggestions for agencies on what they can do.

I think this can apply to SEO firms and clients as well, although the timeframe for an appropriate implementation for a SEO project is much longer for SEM. Setting clear expectations at the outset of a client/agency relationship is key for productive engagements.

However, clients often change direction anyway. The most often cited reason for change in the Jupiter study was that the agencies were not proactive enough and cost.

WWW 2005 Conference Search Papers

Gary Price from Search Engine Watch posted a nice collection of search related papers from the WWW 2005 Conference in Japan. It’s not my belief that you need to read all of this to be great at SEO, but good information is priceless with algorithmic search. Gary had previously posted this collection of papers regarding search engine spam, or at least some theories about identification of it.

I am sure there will be some review and analysis within the search marketing community on some of these. I know I’ll be taking a look and posting here what I find useful for organic SEO. Of particular interest to me outside of implications for SEO, are news search papers. Here’s an interesting news search site created for testing and implementing improved news search methodology: ComeToMyHead

MSN revives RSS aggregator and bookmarking tools

MSN blog posted an entry with links to the RSS aggregator and bookmarking tools. I first noticed these Online Marketing Blog/2005/03/msn-rss-aggregator-startcom.html”>earlier in the year and it was interesting to see what would come out of it. The urls have been dead for a while but are now back online.

As a web based RSS feed aggregator, actually works pretty well – allowing you to add individual RSS feeds or import an OPML file easily or you can click on the preselected feeds on the left that are organized according to tabbed categories along the top.

However, to “start” using it, you need to click the “show” link. I don’t know why that is, the options should display first.

Business Blogs and Marketing

eMarketer has issued a new report on blogging for businesses: “The Business of Blogging

The report “looks at the implications of the blogging phenomenon for businesses, scans the corporate world’s blogging activity, and offers recommendations for business users.”

Interestingly, “just 4% of major US corporations have blogs available to the public ¬ó and even fewer produce active sites with the link and feedback features that most readers associate with true blogs.”

The rate of blog readership in general is not growing as fast as it was during the political race last year, but as a business communication tool, business blog creation and readership is definitely growing. Read Anita Campbell’s post, 10% of Small Business Marketing Plans Include Blogs where she describes a study by HP on small business owners.

RSS – A non-technical introduction

There has been a lot of talk in the web world about RSS lately and there are lots of web sites that tell you what it is, however I’m going to try and explain it in an easy to understand way.

means “Really Simple Syndication” which is basically a way for a web site or blog to provide content in a standard format that you can subscribe to using a RSS reader. There are hundreds of RSS readers out there for Mac and PC. Some are based online, like Bloglines, others are programs you run from your computer. [Mac Readers] [PC Readers] [More Readers] Some free, some cost a little. I use Sage RSS reader as part of my web browser. It’s free and works on both Mac and PC.

Google Acquires Dodgeball

I’ll be honest, I had not heard of before and they offer the service here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Google has acquired Dodgeball as of today. Basically, it’s a mobile social networking service using your text-messaging-enabled cell phone/pda/whatever.

Here’s a description of Dodgeball from New York Magazine:

“When Dodgeball users “check in” at a given locale by sending out a text message, it goes to all their preselected friends, as well as any friends of friends within a ten-block radius. A photo is sent along with the alert-which helps with identifying near strangers. Introductions are made, beer is poured, and then hookups can occur-casually, and in a low-pressure environment, all under the guise of knowing someone in common. It’s Friendster, except in real time and in the real world.”

Google to integrate Gmail with Blogger?

A recent article in InfoWorld references an interview with Blogger’s Biz Stone regarding enhancements to the Blogger service.

Updates may include:

  • Enterprise blogging
  • Create private groups
  • Image uploading directly to
  • Integration with Gmail

The article also mentions efforts made to improve the performance of blogger as well as the recent moblogging enhancement.

There are a lot of enhancements I’d love to see in blogger. Fortunately, I’ve been able to use 3rd party tools to compensate including Haloscan for trackback, Bloglet for email subscriptions, Feedburner for an RSS feed and Hitslink for site visitor statistics. Another welcome improvement would be the ability to associated posts with one or more topical categories.

With enhancements like these, I would be a lot more inclined to recommend Blogger as a blogging platform.

Zabasearch: Useful or Scary?

I just read an article on Wired about Zabasearch. It’s pretty much a comprehensive public records search engine that draws from over 29 thousand public databases.

One the one hand, it’s useful for those rare times when you have to recall where you’ve lived in the past 10 years or if you need to do a background check on a prospective employee.

On the other hand, it makes information easily available that you might not have wanted others to see. An example from the Wired article brought up scenarios involving stalkers and abusive domestic situations, etc.

Zabasearch does not maintain any of the data, they access it and display results through their search engine. If there are inaccuracies, they need to be corrected through the source, usually government records. There are many other people search services out there but Zabasearch seems to have a lot more data.

Volunteer Your Skills: The Taproot Foundation

These folks are doing some great work for non-profits. Check them out:

The Taproot Foundation is a volunteer organization that builds teams of marketing and creative services professionals, human resources professionals, and information technology professionals to work on projects for local nonprofits. Taproot let’s you “give what you know” so that you can make the strongest impact on your local community while networking and growing professionally.

Taproot Foundation has new volunteer projects – called Service Grants – launching in the next several months in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. We are seeking experienced Web professionals to volunteer their skills on our upcoming Website volunteer projects Рcalled Service Grants. Talented Project Managers, Marketing Managers and Designers can apply with us to use their skills to help local nonprofits in the New York City and San Francisco Bay Area to develop websites to support their initiatives.