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Back into the swing

I’m happy to report the “Mayan Riviera” is an excellent place to spend a week away from the search marketing business. Despite a little difficulty getting out of Mexico and lost luggage, it was an excellent trip with a minimum of Internet usage and lots of relaxation.

Thank you to Thomas who has, as always, done an excellent job filling in with timely and informative blog posts regarding search engine marketing and blogs. Be sure to check out his newest blog project, SEO Blog Marketing.

Google is tracking you to give you better results.

The problem with advancements in technology is the fact that the users’ privacy has a tendency to get in the way. Google launched on Tuesday and it now tracks where you go in order to give you better results in the future.

With the launch of Personalized Search, you can use that search history you’ve been building to get better results. You probably won’t notice much difference at first, but as your search history grows, your personalized results will gradually improve. –

Of course, in order for Google to track someone, they must have a Google account and be logged in. So if you don’t want Google following you, don’t log in any Google services before searching.

New Search Engine : Deepy

Tajseed Solutions, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has a new search engine that is now in beta. The Deepy Search Engine uses results from and presents them with a few new features. Deepy relies on JavaScript, CSS and DHTML which allows for live spell checking as you enter your phrase in the search bar. On the results side, the number of results pages is always displayed at the bottom of your browser, no matter how big your browser window is. When clicking on a result, it opens within a frame on the search results page. It also has a zoom feature to increase or decrease the font size and a highlight feature that emphasizes your search terms on a resulting page.

TypePad Integrates Ads

TypePad Ads Though a partnership with , TypePad pro users can now take advantage of text-based advertising on their blogs. This feature can not only earn you extra cash, but can also pay for your fees.

“We’ve been working on a way that allows our subscribers to take advantage of the opportunities of text-based advertising. Starting today, TypePad Pro users can now easily set-up and integrate text ads directly into their weblogs, track their earnings with TypePad and use the money to pay for their subscription.”

You can set up the ads one of two ways. Easy or Customized. Easy does everything for you while customized allows you to configure fonts and colors.

TypePad also gives tools for tracking earnings so you can view daily ad impressions and ad clicks.

WebmasterWorld Search Conference New Orleans

Excellent coverage of the Webmaster World search marketing conference:

Keynote John Battelle – RustyBrick, SEOBook

Contextual Advertising for Publishers – RustyBrick

Competitive Analysis – SEOBook

Local Search – Issues and Opportunities – RustyBrick

Niche Marketing – SEOBook

Peaceful Coexistence – Writing for the Engines – RustyBrick

Writing for Search Engines and the Web – SEOBook

Lead Generation & Tracking && Shopping Search – Getting Listed, Getting Traffic – RustyBrick

As the conference progresses, links will be added to this page.

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Cool tools RSS Mix

Fresh content is a distinct advantage for your search engine placement and for your site visitors. Repeat traffic from people and search engine spiders will increase proportionate to how fresh your content is. Producing fresh content takes time and resources. Tools like can help by automating a part of your content development.

RSS Mix allows you to combine any number of RSS feeds into one unique new feed. You can then use a parser to display a mix of stories from various sources on your website.

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Yahoo Index Updates Tonight

Tim Mayer has announced on the Yahoo Search Blog that there will be a major update to it’s index this evening.

“We will be making changes to the index tonight so you should be seeing more of your pages in the index as well as some fluctuations in the rankings of results from previous searches”

Per a request from Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose last summer, Yahoo has started issuing “weather reports” of updates to its search engine.

Not attending Pubcon or Gnomedex this week

Alas, I am unable to attend the two conferences I’ve been looking forward to for months: WebmasterWorld Search Conference in New Orleans starting today and Chris Pirillo’s sold out Gnomedex June 23-25 in Seattle. I had to go and turn 40 this week and my dear wife is taking me to some exotic locale (I don’t know where yet, it’s a surprise) for a week.

Posting from me will be light, but Thomas will be posting daily on search engine marketing news and insights.

Be sure to watch for RustyBrick’s coverage each day of the New Orleans WebmasterWorld conference.

Google Wallet

Is Google launching a payment management service like PayPal? The Wall Street Journal Online edition has reported so. See this Reuters story, “Google plans pay service to rival PayPal-WSJ

A link to the free version of the WSJ article (thanks Carl)

From John Battelle’s SearchBlog:
“Google Inc. this year plans to offer an electronic-payment service that could help the Internet-search company diversify its revenue and may heighten competition with eBay Inc.’s PayPal unit, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Search Engine Watch ala Gary Price:
“I did a bit of research (love that deep web (-:) after reading the article and discovered that two months ago Google filed the paperwork with the California Secretary of State and formed the Google Payment Corporation.

Growth for BtoB search marketing

Via iMediaConnection, eMarketer has published an excellent article on BtoB buyer’s search behavior and future trends for BtoB search marketing.

Some very interesting findings from several surveys and studies regarding trends in BtoB online marketing:

“A study conducted by Enquiro and MarketingSherpa called, ‘¬ìThe Role of Search in Business to Business Buying Decisions’¬î found that 63.9 percent of BtoB internet users would go first to a search engine before other online destinations to find out more about a product or service.”

“With the significant preferences for organic listings among BtoB buyers, it behooves marketers to develop robust SEO programs. However, a research study by Oneupweb found that 46 percent of BtoB Magazine’¬ís top 100 advertisers ¬ìshowed only nominal search engine optimization or ignored it all together. ”

Wallop and Yahoo 360 invites

I just noticed an interview I did with a Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter on Yahoo 360 was published today, “Yahoo spreads its net on the Web “. At best I thought I’d get one little quote. He used at least three plus a mention of my SEO firm, TopRank Online Marketing. I guess everyone gets lucky once in a while.

The article touches on what Yahoo is doing with Yahoo 360 and also Microsoft’s Wallop. Here’s a post on Online Marketing Blog/2005/06/whats-up-with-microsoft-wallop.html”>Microsoft Wallop from earlier this month.

Incidentally, if you are interested in a Yahoo 360 or Wallop invite, post a comment.

Cool tools NicheBOT for keyword research

Here’s a cool keyword research tool I discovered when looking at this site’s referrer logs.

NicheBOT offers keyword research options including: WordTracker Keywords, Overture Keywords, Thesaurus, Lateralus, Keyword Analysis and Google Ranking.