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Bloglines Expands and Improves

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Bloglines, one of the most popular online newsreaders, has announced that it has 500 million blog and news feed articles available on its database. They’ve doubled their size between January and June of this year. Also, every day Bloglines adds 2 million to 2.7 million new blog and news feed articles to their searchable database.

“The daily growth of blog and news feed articles is the most accurate measure of the blogosphere’s size and vitality,” said Mark Fletcher, founder and now general manager of Bloglines at . “Bloglines has the largest database of blog and feed articles, the fastest growing index of dynamic web content, and the broadest set of integrated features — making us the strongest blog resource on the Internet.”

According to BusinessWeek, Bloglines will also be launching a new blog search by the end of the summer.

Read more about Blogline’s expansion in their press release.

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