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FM Publishing closes angel investor round

John Battelle’s FM Publishing has announced they’ve received a round of angel investor financing from some pretty big names. Congratulations!

“FM Publishing will employ a pretty simple three-pronged technology platform consisting of a console/dashboard for bloggers, another for marketers, and a database of inventory and rules which ties the two together (we’ll also have an ad serving platform, of course).”

Battelle’s move into RSS advertising is particularly exciting in light of a recent Forrester Survey: “64% of respondents to Forrester’s survey said they are interested in advertising on blogs, 57% through RSS”

I hope the implementation is careful as one of the joys of reading RSS feeds compared to email is the lack of blatant advertising.

MIT blog survey

MIT is running a blog survey

“Our goal is to help understand the way that weblogs are affecting the way we communicate with each other. Specifically we are interested in issues of demographics, communication behaviors, experience with weblogs and other technology, and the meaning of various types of social links within the blogosphere.” more info

This is an interesting survey with questions regarding media interation and sources of influence. It also brings up some interesting ideas about how people connect.

Request an invite to take the survey

Google announces site targeting

Google has announced an enhancement to their CPM AdWords product called site targeting. (via Social Patterns).

“Advertisers can now target their ads specifically for a particular site. Site Targeting is great for advertisers wanting to promote their product to a very specific audience. This allows for much greater control for AdWords campaigns.”

Features include:

  • Target users by site
  • New max CPM bidding option
  • Additional ad formats

How to set up site targeting and additional commentary on WebmasterWorld.

Supervise your PPC

Here’s an interesting PPC supervision service that pauses your PPC campaigns in case your web site is not responding, possibly saving a lot of needless clickthrough waste. The challenge is factoring your average down time with the cost of the service and what your ad spend is. has released a patent-pending “website downtime” solution that pauses pay per click advertising campaigns at Google Adwords, Yahoo/Overture and when advertiser websites are unavailable and restores those same PPC advertising campaigns when the website becomes available.

Makes sense for large advertisers.

RSS Marketing Resource

I just happened upon this blog on RSS, It’s a group blog on RSS marketing and offers some excellent practical uses of RSS in marketing and communications.

“RSS has the potential to power your entire internet marketing mix, but only if you tightly integrate it with your marketing strategy. In this weblog, you will discover all the facets of RSS marketing, from content delivery, communications, and direct marketing to search engine rankings, traffic generation, promotion, and media relations”

Just about every day I find the concept of RSS marketing creeping into conversations and this is a resource I would recommend to those who want to learn more.

New Yahoo! Search Subscriptions

Yahoo now offers a search interface for paid subscription content from:

Consumer Reports (60 days)
Forrester Research
IEEE publications
New England Journal of Medicine
Wall Street Journal

In order to view the actual content of the search results you need to be subscribed to the individual content sources. However it is convenient for searching multiple subscription content sources at the same time. via Reuters

Nice feature by Yahoo but there’s a business library in the Twin Cities called the JJ Hill Library that has offered a fantastic online search service for many different subscription services for the past 2+ years.

RSS for increased search engine rankings

One of the main benefits you hear about RSS is increased search engine rankings. Here are a few benefits RSS feeds can bring in regard to improving search engine rankings:

  • RSS feeds that use your own domain name get blogroll and annotated links from other blogs and web sites, increasing link popularity
  • Inclusion in RSS directories can assist with traffic and link popularity
  • Updated RSS feeds are indexed by search engine spiders more frequently
  • RSS output on your web pages contributes to your site’s “freshness”
  • The format of most RSS feeds provides themed content that’s easier for search engines to understand

There many applications for how RSS feeds can be implemented ranging from syndication of blog posts to republishing syndicated content on your site(s). There are also opportunities for companies that use affiliate marketing to promote syndicated content across their affiliate networks.


Yahoo has made another interesting acquisition, this time the blog tracking service

From Jim Winstead, founder:

this is the sort of good home that i was looking for – yahoo! Obviously has the resources to run and improve in pace with the incredible growth of blogs (and syndication in general), and in talking with them it was also clear that we had some of the same vision for the future of the service and the ping/notification infrastructure..

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo comments:

What are our plans for the service? Simple. Keep it running, make it scale, and make it even better (a lot like the Flickr plans).

Bundling Toolbars with software – clever or tricky?

BetaNews reports that WinZip has added Google Toolbar and Desktop Search software to it’s Windows archive program. The article references this method of bundling as akin to how spyware and adware companies market their products. Not the most flattering comparison.

Google is not alone, Yahoo also planning to offer its Yahoo! Toolbar with Macromedia Flash and Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.

Best Marketing Blog Awards

Marketing Sherpa announced the winners of the 2005 Readers Choice Blog Awards today.

Over 2000 votes were cast for blogs in 9 different categories. Thank you to everyone that voted for Online Marketing Blog, I appreciate it!

Winners included:

Best individual’s blog on the general topic of marketing and advertising
Seth Godin’s Blog
Honorable Mention: Adrants

Best group weblog on the general topic of marketing and advertising
Honorable Mention (Tie): Marketing Genius – Church of the Customer

Best PR-topic blog
Media Guerrilla
Honorable Mention: Strategic Public Relations

Best B-to-B marketing-topic blog
Guerrilla Consulting
Honorable Mention: B-to-B Lead Generation Blog (Congratulations Brian!)

Best blog on small business marketing
Duct Tape Marketing (Congratulations John!)
Honorable Mention: Small Business Trends (Congratulations Anita!)

Google Web Video Search

In the next two months Google plans to launch a new search engine for web-only video. The new service will allow previews of media clips

Currently, Google Video is limited to searching the closed caption text and displays screen shots, not actual video.

What’s interesting is how Google plans to further montetize their video service:

“Longer term, Google is preparing a payment system for a premium video service that would let people pay to watch full video clips. Google is talking to several top-tier content providers, including Hollywood movie studios, to gain agreements for aggregating their video and selling premium or pay-per-view access.” via CNET

Yahoo Video which indexes video files found on web pages, shows full videos for free.

Calling All Interactive Marketing Geeks

Click here to join mimaseosemgeeks

If you’re a midwest interactive and/or search marketer, you may be interested in one of the new discussion groups offered through the .

Groups include: , , and I am the moderator of the group. How did that happen?

Check out each group and join a few. Heck, join them all! Each forum is moderated by an industry professional 😉

There are a lot of great interactive and search marketing pros in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota so this is great way to share ideas and find excuses to be nerdy. But in a cool way.