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SEO Podcasts & Radio

Staying up to date on online marketing and SEO in particular can be a daunting task. Here are a few SEO radio sites that offer excellent resources on everything from site optimization to the business side of running a web site that you can listen to anytime.

started by Daron & Brandy Babin, near-dailyl shows ranging from “SEO Rock Stars” to “What’s Next Now” plus a streaming feed of music 24/7. Some of the best SEO content you’ll find anywhere. The next show is today at 4pm EST – Wizards of Web with hosts Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.

run by Brad Fallon, offers shows from 9-10 am PSC every Tuesday. Interview topics range from blogging to site optimization with many of the top online marketing experts in the industry. The next show is June 14th with .

Yahoo web browser

While rumors are plentiful on Yahoo and Skype right now, here’s some very interesting coverage regarding the possibility of a Yahoo browser. Inside Bay Area reports:

Yahoo Inc., owner of the most-visited Web site, may consider developing its own Internet browser to help attract more users and advertisers toits Web sites, Chief Executive Officer Terry Semel said.

“You could look to Yahoo to do most everything that makes sense on the Internet going forward,” Semel said Friday in an interview in New York. Developing a browser may make sense “at some point in time,” he said.

Yahoo has been hot on new service developments lately and a Yahoo browser would really top it off. I can’t imagine it would be anything other than a version of Firefox though. I’ll certainly be watching Yahoo Next. By the way, I noticed they’ve added a RSS feed to the Yahoo Next page. Cool.

New Technorati Blog Search Engine

Technorati has launched a new blog search engine design and blog. The new site has been greatly simplified to appeal to a wider audience.

Use of tags has been expanded: “Now, if your search matches a tag, we bring in photos and links from , , , and now as well”. Advanced search has been beefed up along with the ability to read your watchlist blogs all on one page without a RSS reader.

This is a HUGE improvement! Congratulations Dave Sifry and Technorati team. The site is still in beta and there are a few bugs, but Technorati wants your feedback.


Firm offers integrated email and RSS marketing

DMNews posted an article today about an LA marketing firm that now offers integrated email with RSS marketing.

Here’s the cool part:

“… the RSS feed in the e-mail is personalized, addressing the reader by name and including marketing messages that pertain to him. Readers also can view a list of past e-newsletters, press releases or e-mails they have received from the publisher. ”

Personalized RSS feeds is a very good thing. I just wonder if they’ll have the same tracking metrics that you get with email.

Importantly, the exec from Dynamics Direct also points out that RSS is not to replace email, just augment it.

New study supports need for organic optimization

A study conducted by Penn State reinforces the need for companies to include organic or natural search engine optimization into their online marketing programs. Over 80% of the test searches conducted, respondents went to the “organic” search results.

“Consumers have a bias against the links that businesses pay search engines to provide,” said Jim Jansen, assistant professor in the Penn State School of Information Sciences and Technology (IST). “By themselves, sponsored links appear not to be a viable business model and should be only one part of an online advertising campaign.” via Gary Price

The Online Marketing Blog/2005/02/growth-of-organic-search-engine.html”>discrepancy between online marketing budgets allocated to sponsored search and the higher clickthough rates of organic search has become an increasingly important issue. I guess it’s not important enough though, with studies by OneUpWeb and Fathom SEO showing a significant number of companies lacking in site optimization.

Updates to Google Advertising Professionals Program

Google Advertising Professionals sent out an email today announcing several updates including a new blog called Inside AdWords:


  • Updated Learning Center: Find printable text lessons, content updates, and new training material.
  • Inside AdWords: Stay on top of new AdWords features, tools, and releases with the new AdWords blog.
  • Promotional Credits: Bring in new clients with free AdWords advertising.
  • Qualified Professionals Features: Get added exposure with company-level qualification and a Professional Status page.

Updates include enhancements for both qualified and unqualified program members.

Bloglines Expands and Improves

Bloglines, one of the most popular online newsreaders, has announced that it has 500 million blog and news feed articles available on its database. They’ve doubled their size between January and June of this year. Also, every day Bloglines adds 2 million to 2.7 million new blog and news feed articles to their searchable database.

“The daily growth of blog and news feed articles is the most accurate measure of the blogosphere’s size and vitality,” said Mark Fletcher, founder and now general manager of Bloglines at . “Bloglines has the largest database of blog and feed articles, the fastest growing index of dynamic web content, and the broadest set of integrated features — making us the strongest blog resource on the Internet.”

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Voting ends tomorrow, so if you haven’t had a chance to vote, please cast your ballot for Online Marketing Blog today. I would really appreciate it. If you know of others that would benefit from this blog, please pass it on.

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Google SiteMaps Made Easy

I read all the hype about and decided to take a shot at creating one. The first thing I did was read the Sitemap Generator instructions. It talked about installing some script and everything seemed very complicated. So I searched around for easier ways.

First I found a script to automatically create my Google Sitemap XML from a WordPress blog. I tried that out and it worked wonderfully.

Then pcdoc over at pointed out that you can add just a basic text file with your URLs in it. I used that method on a smaller site and submitted that to as well. Both files still have a pending status and I’m eagerly awaiting for them to get accepted.

Cool blog tool TagCloud

I’ve been playing with TagCloud and found it to be a pretty cool tool. A description from the web site:

“TagCloud is an automated Folksonomy tool. Essentially, TagCloud searches any number of RSS feed you specify, extracts keywords from the content and lists them according to prevalence within the RSS feeds. Clicking on the tag’s link will display a list of all the article abstracts associated with that keyword.”

I’ve created a few “tag clouds” that have been very useful as news aggregators:
SEO – just a few of the SEO blogs I read each day.
Search Engines – Official blogs of the 4 major search engines.

What’s also great is that TagCloud includes Y! Q search so you can perform a related search within the TagCloud search results.

GoogleGuy on Google Rater Hub

There’s an interesting thread on WebmasterWorld today with GoogleGuy and Henk van Ess trading fun-filled posts about the outing of Google Rater Hub.

“… The system that was up at was a console to evaluate quality passively, not to tweak our results actively. But when henk van Ess submitted his own blog to Slashdot, he asserted “Real people, from all over the world, are paid to finetune the index of Google,” and that made it sound like people were reaching in via this console to tweak results directly, which just isn’t true at all.

Small business marketing blog channel

Small business marketing guru John Jantsch has created a new “Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel”. This new blog channel features 9 bloggers, each with their own specific topic, writing about small business marketing.

Topics covered include: branding, public relations, advertising, innovation, business life, customer service, sales and Internet marketing. You can subscribe to indivudual feeds or to the entire channel.

This is a great resource for small business marketing worth checking out.

John is a fellow blogger at and is also up for another Marketing Sherpa Readers’ Choice Blogging Award – best small business marketing blog.