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As I was speaking with a prospective search engine optimization client today, I noticed a link in the footer of their web site to the web design company that created it. I followed the link to find out more information because you can often get a sense of a company by the type of web design firm they’ve used.

The web design firm site was straight forward and contained the usual information: design examples, about us, services, etc. When I clicked on services I noticed “search engine optimization” and on that page I found this description for “Doorway Pages”:

“A doorway page (also known as a beacon or magic page) is a page of text linked to your site to improve your search engine ranking. Basically, this is a page of text that mirrors keywords and descriptions throughout your site.”

I almost fell off my chair with laughter. I haven’t seen mumbo jumbo like this in a long time. Even as far back as 5 years ago, SEOs were shunning the practice of doorway pages.

So I started poking around and found sites like this and this. Companies must still be falling for this old, useless tactic, otherwise there would not be sites out there promoting it.

There’s no magic solution in SEO. A quick fix is quick trouble. Even black hat SEOs have to work hard to do what they do.

Spend all the time you’d waste recovering from the quick fix and invest it in creating a well structured site that is logically organized and contains well-linked, fresh content and you’ll be ahead of the game short and long term.

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